Tomato plants should be fertilized when the first fruit is about the size of a gold ball. Scatter a heaping teaspoonful of 5-10-5 uniformly around each plant, keeping 8 to 10 inches away from the stem. Mix the fertilizer into the top one-half inch of soil and water thoroughly. Repeat once or twice a month thereafter. Poor foliage color and stunted growth indicate a need for additional fertilizer.

Do no disturb the soil deeper than one-half inch because the roots of the plant may be damaged. Many of the feeder roots may be within the top one inch of soil. Deep cultivation can cause considerable damage to the plant.

Bearded irises usually need to be dug, divided and replanted every four or five years.The best time to do it is soon after they finish blooming.At that time they start a dormant period which lasts a few weeks and then new growth starts.

Japanese and Siberian irises do not require frequent division. Clumps of Siberian iris should stay in good condition for a dozen years or more.

Although bloom should be fairly good the year after division and transplanting, the best bloom occurs in the second to fourth years. So don't divide your clumps too soon. Wait until they have become crowded and the number of blooms had declined.

To divide, cut the younger rhizomes into sections of five to six inches, each with two fans of leaves. Work organic matter, such as compost or well-rotted barnyard manure into the top eight inches of soil before replanting.

Geraniums can be attractive even when they are neglected but can be much more so when given the kind of care they like.

They bloom best with sunlight all day long. They bloom fairly well and perhaps have more attractive foliage with sunlight during the morning and light shade in the afternoon.

With light to medium shade all day long, they will have attractive foliage but less than half the flowers they would normally have. With medium to heavy shade there will be few flowers.

Good drainage is important for them. When it rains or when they are watered, if excess water does not drain promptly and the soil stays soggy, roots will be damaged, leaves will turn yellow and flowering will be greatly reduced.