The signs are subtle, but they are there - somehow you know the crowd is waiting for something special. The accasional, nervous adult chaperoning three and four frenzied young girls. The cotton stuffed in the ears of the ushers. The crowd screaming at everything before the show - announcements of coming attractions, the first roadie who walks on stae or the lowing of the house lights.

Andy Gibb is a new Teen Idol. Sunday night he presented his '78 Shadow Dancing North American Tour to a capacity crowd a the Merriweather Post Pavilion. The screams that greeted his arrival onstage remained throughout the concert punctuated by occasional shouts as he east his eyes on a particular section of the crowd.

Gibb deserves this adulation. His show is tight and professional and does not rely on the cuteness of some of his counterparts in the Teen Idol business. His voice is fragile and light, yet he delivers his songs with a commanding presence.His new single "An Everlasting Love" brought the house down of there are anything left in the first place) and he featured a soft rendition of the "Bee Gees" "Words" that proved in range of his talents as a vocatlist.