Reprinted from yesterday's late editions

Elmar Oliveira of Binghamton, N.Y., a carpenter's son who learned on an instrument made by his father, shared first prize for violin in the sixth international Tchaikovsky musical competition, officials announced early yesterday.

The win gave the United States an unprecedented two gold medals in the contest. Nathaniel Rosen, a cellist with the Pittsburgh Symphony, was named gold medal winner in the cello competition Tuesday.

Oliveira, 28 and lliya Grubert of the Soviet Union both received medals and will share the prize money of $3,575.

"It's just fantastic," the elated violinist said. "It makes all of the practice and work worthwhile."

The United States had never won more than one gold medal in the competition. A violin victory was a first for the United States.

Oliveira, who began playing the violin at age 9, is a professional soloist and has played in North and South America and across Europe.

Oliveira's performance had a "masterly trait, which as Tchaikovsky said, is the essence of the magic influence upon the audience," critic Pavel Lugovskoi said.

Oliveria told reporters, "I feel great, I didn't think about winning. I only thought about playing well, I was very satisied with my overall performance throughout the competition."

Oliveira almost came to Moscow twice before to compete in earlier Tchaikovsky competitions, but backed off at the last minute because he said he is a "cautious man."

"For two previous competitions I had thought about coming and decided at the last minute both times that it was not quite the right time to come," he said. "I felt strongly about coming this time. "I prepared as well as I thought I could before I got here and things worked out very well for me.

Sixty-three persons entered the violin competition including 15 from the United States. Two of the other American musicians who made it to the finals also won prizes.

Dylana Jenson of Bloomington, Ind., at 17 the youngest participant in the violin competition shared second prize with Mihaela Martin of Romania.

Daniel Heifetz of New York City shared fourth prize with Kimson Ho of North Korea.