Furniture designers Vladimir Kagan and Jens Rison, and lighting expert David Winfield Willson will be among those speaking to 2,000 members of the American Society of Interior Designers at their annual convention July 21-25 at the Washington Hilton Hotel.

Speakers, trade exhibits, tours and workshops will examine the theme of "Professional Directions" to help interior designers identify and shape developing trends. The workshops include discussions and lectures on design for the future, programming for user needs, health safety design and energy savings. Preservation case studies of Gadsby's Tavern and the adaptive re-use of the Old Post Office Building will be presented by area interior designers Edward Plyler and William Pulgram.

Clement Conger, curator of the White House, has been chosen to receive the Thomas Jefferson Award in recognition of his "outstanding contributions to the preservation of America's cultural heritage." Baltimore Mayor William Schaefer is one of the International Design Award winners, honoring his concern for "human and man-made resources of his city."

The ASID is working with other organizations on a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts to keep Radio City Music Hall in New York from being demolished. On July 24 they will open to the public a photographic exhibit of Radio City at the Pension Building, 440 G St., NW. The Pension Building itself is being proposed as a museum for the building arts.