Reprinted from yesterday's late editions

It was a party where the guests of honor enjoyed the goings-on as much, if not more, than the other partygoers.

The 180-member troupe of the Performing Arts Company of the People's Republic of China came in a chorus line to a reception in their honor after the opening night performance at Wolf Trap Tuesday night. They outnumbered the 100 or so other guests and worked off good appetites for fried batter fish and chicken after their rousing and acrobatic performance on the Wolf Trap stage.

"American people are so friendly and so very enthusiastic in an audience," said Shih Chih-chun, as he munched on a chicken leg. He is deputy secretary general of the company, which seems to be the title for the person who handles public relations and talks to reporters.

It was a demonstration of close American-Chinese relations, at least in the audience, with top representatives from Congress, the White House and the State Department sharing boxes with representatives from the Chinese liaison office here. Among those in the box with Mrs. Jouett Shouse, the Wolf Trap founder, were Han Hsu, head of the liaison office; Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser to the president, and Richard Holbrooke, assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs.

Brzezinski brought his three children to see the performance.

The post-performance reception under the blue picnic tent at Wolf Trap was given by the national committee of the Metropolitan Opera, which is sponsoring the tour of the Chinese company in cooperation with the National Committee on United States-Chinese Relations.