Reprinted from yesterday's late editions

Some thoughts on Wednesday's newwave concert at the mostly deserted Ontario Theater:

Believe it or not, one can fall asleep even as the loudest decibels assault the ear. Enduring changeovers between three bands that lasted longer than the sets of those bands helps a lot. And some people were surprised to hear Dead Boys, headliners from New York, do a sound check right there at midnight.

Zehn Archar came from Baltimore. They represent the ultimate garage band. Actually, the insertion of the second letter of the alphabet smack in the middle of the garage would give a better inkling of their performance Wednesday.

Since the four-piece group opened the show, they got first dibs on Them's classic "Gloria," which has become the "Orange Blossom Special" of the new wave. Never has a band been so deserving of the sound of one hand clapping.

Single Bullet Theory, a quintet from Richmond, did an undistinguished set, perhaps because the crowd (such as it was) was eager for the Dead Boys.

The Dead Boys, themselves, sound as if they had rehearsed on a Ford plant assembly line.

Their first record was called "Young, Loud and Snotty," and such adjectives will be the kindest they will get today. Their oppressive, humorless and frequently tasteless material makes one long for the Ramones.