There was only one statement in your article ("Tangier:It's a Nice Island to Visit, . . ." Weekend, July 7) that really was the truth, and the crab cakes being better in Virginia. I'm wondering how Mr. Rowe (a visiting worker who made no friends) acted on Tangier; the people are anything but dour. I was born on Tangier 71 years ago; we left there when working on the water didn't agree with my Dad and moved to the Eastern Shore, a town called Belle Haven, finally settling in Hampton, Va, but to us all Tangier was and still is the greatest place in the world. If it has changed it's because tha Odd Balls like you and your friend have been there, and never take picture of the pretty little places, only the graveyards and the houses that need painting. Even the State of Virginia did nothing for Tangier until the people like you started to write about it. As to the three names you wrote, while I was a Crokett there are others. Just to mention a few - Dize, Smith, Escridge, Williams and more. So I'm afraid you didn't do your home work very well. I finally married an Italian and lived in Fairfax. We retired in 1976 and moved here to Painter, on the Eastern Shore and love it. So don't write about a place if you only spent a small amount of time here. One has to do more than just observe for a day, a week or even a month.



You missed one fairly heavily-used method of getting out to Tangier Island . . . the airplane. They maintain a good paved airstrip on the island, and quite a number of pilots and passengers from all over the Washington/Baltimore area fly over to Mrs. Crokett's for lunch. I've been for dozens of times, myself, but have never been on one of those boats. From Washington National Airport it takes me and three passengers 34 minutes.