Q - Is it true that if we cut off some of the small melons on our watermelon vine, those that remain will become larger and have better quality?

A - You can get larger melons by reducing the number on the vine but it is doubtful if quality (sweetness) can be much improved. If you want extra large melons, pick out two well shaped melons and cut off all the rest of the vine.

Q - Moles drive us wild. How can we get rid of them?

A - You can use traps and/or poison baits but they are seldom satisfactory. The only good way, is to get rid of the soil grubs on which the moles feed.No grubs, no moles. They will go elsewhere to feed.

Diazinon can be used to get rid of the grubs. The immature grubs are much easier to kill than the mature ones. Directions on the label for mix and application should be followed closely.

Q - We were away this spring and did not get to plant azaleas. Can it be done during the summer?

A - Azaleas can be be planted and transplanted successfully almost any time of the year. Summer is not a good time to do it but if handled carefully and given plenty of water it can be done without losing them.

Don't let them dry out. Any week there is not at least an inch of rainfall, give them a good soaking. If you are not prepared to do this, better wait and plant them in mid-September when the season is cooler.

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