Nobody is sure why it happened so quickly, but bottom fishing in lower Chesspeake Bay may be the best it's been in 15 years. Spot and hardheads abound. UPPER BAY

Pan rock and white perch south to Kent Narrows; best on chummed clams and peelers. Some pan rock at Love Point on trolled bucktails. White perch and pan rock on drift peelers at Fort Smallwood. MIDDLE BAY

Rock good on both sides of Bay Bridge, most taken on soft crabs or live eels, some on cast bucktails; lots at Power Plant and Parker's Creek running 5 - 15 pounds. Blues on Chesspeake Beach charter boats have been good, 25 to 50 per trip; red hose lure is working well; also try clumming and trolling hoses halfway down. Occasionally rock and trout at Sharps Island Light but drum seems best; try bootom fishing with softshell and peeler crabs. Good perch and, some rock on bloodworms at Old Severn drawbridge. LOWER BAY

Bottom fishing best in years. Spot, hardhead and white perch are in most of the lower Potomac and Patuxent Rivers. Try bloodworms for spot at the mouths of both rivers, St. Jerome Creek, Drum Point, Broom Island, Clark Point, Wycomico River, Smith Creek. Spot are laying in holes on the edges; drifting method is the best. Good trout and excellent hardheads near Smith Point. Fair to good hardhead, trout and spot for Deale and Chrisfield charter boats using peelers and bloodworms as far north as Hooper Strait; catching some blues by trolling 30-feet of water; troll buctails. Surf fishing for blues with cut spot has been spotty. trolling and chumming for blues, 3-5 pounds, good from Patuxent south. MARYLAND FRESHWATER

ROCKY GORGE/TRIADELPHIA:Bass deep, slow.SUSQUEHANNA RIVER:Troll small red hoses, cast plugs or bloodworms for rock; bottom-fish bloodworms for perch.

LIBERTY:Some crappie on minnows and some bass on minnows and plastic worms.

POTOMAC:Smallmouth in the riffles below Harpers Ferry should be hitting if the river continues to drop. Try small spinners or floating rebels in the very early morning, or drift nymphs or streamers. At dusk try large caddis flies and white millers.

EASTERN SHORE:A few more bass in the Transquaking River on spinnerbaits in the early morning. Some rock at Chancellor's and Chlora Point; bloodworms and grubs best. Fair white perch and spot at the Route 50 Bridge on peelers and clams; some trout and flounder on squid. Some blues at Bloody Point trolling number 18 spoons and hoses. VIRGINIA FRESHWATER

BUKE LAKE:Catfish picking up. Six citations this week and Bill Parker earned three for catches over 10 piunds. Use night crawlers or chicken liver for catfish. Bass tapering off. Some bluegills.

OCCOQUAN:Mostly good catfish on worms. Bass slowed and are deep, purple plastic worms will take some 12- to 13-inchers. Some large crappie in the coves and off the points;troll large minnows.

LAKE ANNA:Bass continue to pick up. Top water baits best for two-pounds in shallows in late evening when surface water cools. Bigger bass deep during the day; try blue plastic worms and lizards.

MANASSA:Bass slowed and are probably deep but could improve with calm weather. Try dark plastic worms. A few good bluegills. OCEAN

OCEAN CITY:Forty marlin taken so far for this year, a pretty good start. Some tuna occasional dolphins also. Small flounder plentiful in the bay and some good sea trout at night at the inlet when the tide is running. Try minnows, bucktails, squid and grub-type lures. Plenty of blues offshores. WASHINGTON

River is clear and back to normal. Plenty of cats on the bottom; use cut bait. Rock on bloodworms are best in the early morning. Some bass on surface plugs and night crawlers very early, or try plastic worms for less action during the day.