Those for whom pornography and horror are not sufficient turn-ons any more may now see if the John Waters film "Desperate Living" will serve their purpose. Apparently there are quite a few such people, Waters previous films, notably "Pink Flamingos,"having attracted audiences.

His genre is described as punk, a term which implies that the childishly disgusting is done with some humor and chic, which it is not. This is strictly the nasty kid in elementary school's view of life, stylistically emphasized by the difficulty the actors have in reciting their lines.

There is lots of throwing up, screams of "Shut up!" and use of the nyah-nyah voice intonation. Interestingly enough, the themes of sexual deviance and torture are subservient of the fear of being forced to eat what one doesn't want, and of being rejected by Mother. In seperate scenes, people are made to eat rats, roaches, dog food, dog, and human flesh. The two chief characters are women who crudely thwart the more or less legitimate aims of their children.

Okay, so now you know what really scares him, no matter how bravely dirty he talks.

But did you ever think he would pass it off as fashionable art?