"How have you been coping with the Metro strike?" Staff writer Randy Mastro and photographer Michael Ford Parkswent to the Adams-Morgan area to ask residents their views. Archie Thurston, 22, tow truck driver, resident at Columbia Road and 18th Street NW: "It's been really rough for me. I just started on a new job, and I need help getting to work. I have to walk and hitch a ride when I can. If this thing goes on too long, it's going to create a whole lot of problems for me." Faith Evans, 31, church worker, Massachusetts Avenue and 16th Street SE: "It's costing me a lot of extra money. Usually I take a bus or a subway, but now if I go downtown, I have to use a cab. And believe me, that's expensive, very expensive." R. Singh, 32, liquor store employe, 21st and P streets NW: "It's been very hard in this area. I can't get the buses, and it's hard to walk to where you want to go. I've had to walk, but it's too hot, especially in the morning. I hope they come to a settlement soon." Elwood Marshall, 25, truck driver, 49th Street and Kansas Avenue NW: "I usually take the buses to work, but now my girlfriend has been driving me. It's been hard. I just started working, and I already missed one day of work because of this strike. I know these people felt they had to strike, but I think it's outrageous." Allen Lamont, 37, bartender, resident of Columbia Road and Connecticut Avenue NW: "If it were cooler, I wouldn't mind. I've had to walk to work, but it's not that much of an inconvenience. The drivers are generally quite rude anyway." Kathy Chappell, 22, key punch operator, Columbia Road and Connecticut Avenue NW: "It's one of the worst things that ever happened to me. I have to walk to work now, and the other day I almost passed out from the heat. I do have a car, but I don't like to drive that much. It's times like this that make me appreciate the buses."