Victor Korchnoi missed his chance to win the 5th match game and settled for a 124-move draw in his battle against Anatoly Karpov. But he retained a marked initiative in the psychological struggle with a protest against the seating of a parapsychologist - part of Karpov's entourage - in the audience.

Korchnoi's complaint is that the man identified as Dr. Vladimir Zoukhar had arrived as part of the Soviet group. According to pre-match agreements, Zoukhar was required to sit in the delegation area away from the state. Earlier he had sought to be seated in the front row, but was exorcised by Korchnoi with a brandishment of books by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Both sides seem to take parapsychology and the possibility of hypnotism quite seriously.

On the board, Korchnoi with white had missed a clear win the day before. Under time pressur, neding to make nine moves in five minutes, Korchnoi played 55. B-K4 (?) instead of trapping the black king with 55. B-B7 Karpov would have had to resign against the alternatives of checkmate in three moves, or loss of at least a knight.

[The number of moves in the fifth game equaled the record set in the 1960 championship match when Russian champion Mikhail Botvinnik and challenger Mikhail Tal also played to a 124-move draw.]