Reprinted from yesterday's late editions.

Of all the woodwind instruments, the flute is perhaps the most universally popular. Classical, rock and jazz connoisseurs relish its warm, luxurious tone and even casual listeners are entranced with its long, breathy sounds.

The flute is so popular it has its own fan club, a group of musicians, composers and devotees who call themselves the National Flute Association, and who are holding their sixth annual convention in Washington.

The concerts feature various styles of music, from ancient to modern, and the jazz portion is being presented by the Blanchard Hummel Duo. The Washington-based jazz group will be presenting several sets in the Rogue's Manor Lounge of the Capitol Hilton Hotel for the duration of the convention (which ends tomorrow).

Their first set Thursday featured Carver Blanchard playing a nylon-stringed "classical" guitar and George Hummel on a flute and piccolo in a performance that included jazz standards and their own compositions. Their versions of the Dave Brubeck Quartet's classic "Take Five" and the more contemporary "La Fiesta" by Chick Corea were sentitive and bright. Hummel's flute work was particularly enjoyable.

Blanchard and Hummel like their jazz straight (at least on the basis of a first hearing ) and, while they do not take jazz in any new directions, their approach is both entertaining and thoughtful.