Victor Korchnoi may be down, but he is not out of the world chess championship match in Baguio City, The Philippines. He announced his readiness to resume the fight, after a stunning loss of two games on Sunday, by playing game 15 on schedule (belying predictions that he would postpone it) and by using a sharp opening that put world champion Anatoly Karpov off balance and led him to sacrifice a pawn.

When his opening (the Catalan system of the Queen's Gambit) failed to produce a winning line, Korchnoi traded down to an even endgame, returned the sacrificed pawn, and offered a draw, which Karpov accepted, on the 25th move.

In deciding to play the game on schedule, Korchnoi brushed aside the suggestion of advisers who thought he needed more rest to recover from his defeats. "He's a tough guy," said British grandmaster Raymond Keene, one of Korchnoi's seconds, on being told of his decision to play.

On Monday, Karpov celebrated his victory at a party in his hotel with champagne and a three-layer cake (one layer for each of his victories so far). When he was asked whether he expected to have a six-layer cake soon, the champion replied: "There could be some problems, so don't be in a hurry."(TABLE) Korchnoi(COLUMN)Karpor 1. P-Q64(COLUMN)N-KB3 2. N-Q63(COLUMN)P-K3 3. N-B3(COLUMN)P-Q4 4. P-Q4(COLUMN)B-K2 5. P-KN3(COLUMN)0-0 6. B-N2(COLUMN)PxP 7. N-K5(COLUMN)N-B3 8. BxN(COLUMN)PxB 9. NxP 6(COLUMN)Q-K1 10. NxB ch(COLUMN)QxN 11. Q-R4(COLUMN)P-B4 12.QxBP(COLUMN)PxP 13. QxQP(COLUMN)P-K4 14. Q-KR4(COLUMN)R-N1 15. B-N5(COLUMN)RxP 16. O-O(COLUMN)Q-K3 17. BxN(COLUMN)QXB 18. QxQ(COLUMN)PxQ 19. QR-N1(COLUMN)RxR 20. RxR(COLUMN)B-K3 21. P-B3(COLUMN)R-B1 22. R-QB1(COLUMN)R-N1 23. R-B2(COLUMN)R-QB1 24. K-B2(COLUMN)BxP 25. RxB(COLUMN)Draw(END TABLE)