Reprinted from yesterday's late editions

American folk music has always been a crazy hodgepodge of styles and accents because there are a lot of different folks out there. Wednesday at Kisner Auditorium, the David Bromberg Band presented a feast of American music that sparkled with wit and, raucous excitement.

From bluegrass, to blues, Irish, Old English, Latin, Cajun, Dixieland and good ole rock 'n' roll, each of the styles had its moment. Bromberg and his seven backup musicians are all of the highest quality and their technique and emotion were easily equal to the demands of their eclectic show.

The musicians switched instruments constantly (Bromberg played electric and accoustic guitar, mandolin and fiddle), and with the horns and an extremely tight rhythm section the group was capable of producing a world of instrumental sounds. Added to these sounds was Bromberg's voice, a sort of jerky twangy affair that could switch from a growling blues to a soft-spoken country ballad with ease.

Commander Cody and the Moonlighters opened the show, and their set was a more rock-oriented counterpart to Bromberg. They too featured various styles, especially boogie-woogie and '50s rock, yet their playing seemed like a drunken jam session at a college fraternity party and their set suffered from tasteless jokes and mindless sophomoric antics.