Will the Redskins make it to the Super Bowl? Can O. J. Simpson carry San Francisco to the playoffs? Will Burt Reynolds make another football movie?

Although every armchair quarterback can immerse himself in video football with college teams Saturday and the pros Sunday and Monday night, what about the rest of the week? Have no fear. It's not the cavalry to the rescue, but the movies.

Now, every true football fan can tell you the Green Bay Packers won the first Super Bowl, just as a fan of the cinematic game can tell you John Wayne was a football player in the 1931 movie "Maker of Men." Football and the movies have always gone together, from Harold Lloyd's silent "The Freshmen" right up to the Super Bowl in "Black Sunday."

So as the season gets under way, let's take a look at the celluloid gridiron. The starting eleven are on the field. You've got the ball. But remember, there's a 15-yard penalty for peeking at the answers on Page 39.

1. Billy Dee Williams and James Caan played Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo in the movie "Brian's Song." But who played coach George Halas?

a) david Huddleston.

b) Jack Warden.

c) Ben Johnson.

2. Burt Reynolds brought his game to the screen in "The Longest Yard" and "Semi Tough." And he's been loyal to one number in both movies. No, not a co-star, a uniform number. The number is:

a) 22.

b) 16.

c) 25.

3. Ohio State in the Rose Bowl? What an original idea! But who captained the celluloid Buckeyes in the movie "Peggy"?

a) Richard Wildmark.

b) John Derek.

c) Rock Hudson.

4. In what movie did famed Cleveland Browns' running back Jim Brown charge through Indians instead of defensive lines?

a) "Rio Conchos."

b) "Rio Lobo."

c) "Rio Bravo."

5. Joe Namath took a stab at movies even before commercials for popcorn poppers and cologne. What was the movie in which Number 12 strapped on a gun?

a) "Ace High."

b) "The Last Rebel."

c) "The Big Gundown."

6. George Plimpton took the layman into the world of professional football with his book "Paper Lion." And non-readers got to see the movie. But who played Plimpton?

a) Michael Landon.

b) Alan Alda.

c) Monte Markham.

7. Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo weren't exactly the Four Horsemen. But in which movie did they tackle football?

a) "Animal Crackers."

b) "Duck Soup."

c) "Horse Feathers."

8. In "Heaven Can Wait," Warren Beatty was a quarterback called up by his guardian angel before his appointed time.Can you name the team he played on?

a) Los Angeles Rama.

b) Oakland Raiders.

c) San Francisco '49ers.

9. Disney Studios took a fun-filled look at football with the story of a mule that kicked field goals. What was the mule's name/

a) "Sam."

b) "Leo."

c) "Gus."

10. Jim Thorpe. A champion in football and many other sports. Who played Thorpe in "Jim Thorpe, All American"?

a) Kirk Douglas.

b) Burt Lancaster.

c) John Hodiak.

11. Charlton Heston parted the Red Sea in "The Ten Commandments." But he performed an almost greater miracle when he took this team to the top in "Number One"

a) New Orleans Saints.

b) Philadelphia Eagles.

c) Atlanta Falcons.