Reprinted from yesterday's late editions

Big Time cable TV production shimmied into the heart of Washington Monday night. There were a few bumps and grinds, too.

The occasion was a raucous encounter between Tom Jones and Tina Turner on stage at the Warner Theater. The show was organized and videotaped by Home Box Office, the country's largest cable TV network.

After some shots of Jones touring Washington are added, the program will be seen on over 500 HBO affiliates - including the new Arlington Metrocable system - beginning Sept. 24 and extending over a period of five or six telecasts through the end of October.

The number of Arlingtonians who will be subscribing to Metrocable by the end of the Tom and Tina Show's run is only about half the number of people who were at the concert Monday night. However, nationally HBO claims 1.5 million subscribers in 47 states. And the concert Monday night was partially designed to make the cable cause more visible in one of the least-cabled and most-influential areas of the country.

At least one Federal Communications Commissioner, James H. Quello, was on hand Monday night.Drawing more attention, however, was ex-White House aide Midge Costanza, who was sitting next to her replacement, Sarah Weddington.

It was Costanza who had turned the concert into an evening for the National Organization for Women, as well as a showcase for cable TV. After Costanza entertained Tom Jones at the White House, he offered to make the concert a benefit for NOW's campaign for ERA.

Jones and NOW make "a strange alliance," remarked one NOW official Monday night. But she added that it might help demonstrate ERA's broad base of support. Another NOWer reportedly said that feminists are opposed to sex discrimination, not sex.

In keeping with that spirit it was Tina Turner - not Jones - who seemed to arouse more of the audience Monday night. Dressed in gold wings and fringe, she and her dancers brought the audience to its feet twice before she even went on stage with Jones.

When they finally got around to their duet - after Jones had to repeat some of his earlier solos because of technical problems - they sang, "You and I Go Together Like a Glove and Hand." It wasn't clear who was the glove and who was the hand, but the fit seemed just right.