Avant-gardists who complain that the local pickings are slim should visit the Attic Theater's "The Love of Don Perlimplin and Belisa in Their Garden." Performing in the spare upper room of the Washington Project for the Arts at 1227 G St. NW, the group repeats the short Lorca work tonight and Sunday at 8:30 and again next Wednesday through Sunday, Oct. 1.

The major works of Spain's 20th-century dramatist, Federico Garcia Lorca,, are tragedies: "Blood Wedding," "The House of Bernarda Alba" and "Yerma." Here he is in a more whimsical vein with what he described as "an erotic lace-paper valentine." The four scenes comprise a mix of lyrical imagery and the grotesque while an isolated man dreams in his garden.

Attic's director-founder Marianne Marcellin, perhaps aware that the Richard O'Connell-James Graham Lujan translation misses verbal lyricism, introduces repetitions of action through an added character, the escritora, and by the language of sign, employed with charming clarity by Rick Venable as the Don. The reiterations do suggest the evanescence the translators have not managed to capture. Rebecca Kelly, Isabel Lee Malone and Marcellin herself (a capable actress) perform the other roles with disarming dedication.