Reprinted from yesterday's late editions

Holiday on Ice, the latest ice show at the Capital Center, has no stars such as Peggy Fleming or Dorothy Hamill, but it does have something just as important - good, solid skating.

Generally, there is too little of this in big ice-show extravaganzas. But there is more of it in this show than usual. The lover of precision skating will find it a satisfying show. The skating couples were in fine form as skaters and phenomenal as acrobats. Some of the spins, backflips and somersaults left the audience practically startled.

Holiday on Ice, which is scheduled by the same people who produce the Ice Follies, is still a lot of show. The costumes are exquisite, and fortunately the show tends to stay away from the extensive, cumbersome stage sets which make an ice show look pretty but crowd the ice.

Predictably enough, there are the disco dance numbers, the funny-man acts and a take-off on "Star Wars" in which a skater, who might be called an Evel Knievel on ice, comes out on skates of fire and proceeds to jump over robots.

There is also a poodle act, which the audience loved but which is unpleasantly out of place in an ice show.

All of this was very well received by an enthusiastic audience. One of the problems with the show is that it is a bit too long. Wednesday it ran about 2 1/2 hours. The show continues through Sunday.