The marriage of Susan Rebecca Resnick and M. Jacques Davy, son of M. and Mme. Bernard Davy took place in Paris, France on July 15. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Resnick of Alexandria, Va. Her father is engaged in the practice of communications law in Washington, D.C. She is the niece of Prof. Nathaniel L. Nathanson of Northwestern University Law School, and the granddaughter of the late Samuel J. Nathanson, Esq-, who was an attorney in New haven, Conn.

The bride, a modern dancer and choreographer, attended Reed College and Stanford University and has a BA in performing arts from The American University. She studied dancing at the Washington School of Ballet and with Ethel Butler while attending Walt Whiteman High School in Bethesda. In the summer of 1974 she choreographed and danced in a joint multimedia event at the Washington Cathedral presented as part of the annual Cathedral summer program in performing arts. Since then she has studied and taught modern dance and performed in New York and in Paris.

M. Davy holds a diploma from the Ecole des Benix Arts of Paris and has held fellowships to paint in Greece. Recently he has been teaching art in the Paris school system. The couple has constructed a performing and exhibition studio, L'Ateber 102, in Paris.