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As a thriller, "Somebody Killed Her Husband" is a weak thrill. It might be all right if you feel like seeing a thriller and there's nothing else playing, but not something you would go out of your way to see. However, there are two noteworthy things about it; one of which is Farrah Fawcett-Majors.

This is the screen debut of the television-and-poster heroine who is a credit to her dentist. When she unfurls her smile across the screen it's like the curtain going up on a spotlighted piano keyboard. There's a pleasant sense of expectation. Nothing more than a simple quality called "appeal" is needed for the role of the woman who tags along during mystery solving, and that she has.

The other interesting thing is the example of how romance is beginning to be treated in films. Some primitive notion of women's liberation is seeing into ordinary movies, with strange results. This one has a heroine who is completely wrapped up in her baby - talking to him, stuffing his fingers in her mouth - at the moment the hero spots her for his dream girl. It's charming to see them both attending fondly to the baby throughout such other demand experience as love and murder.

But look what is happening to the heroes. The minute we see the heroine's husband, we know he's had it, because he's a successful young executive. And the man she instantly falls in love with is a unpublished writer of children's books who is also an inept clerk in the toy department of Marcy's. It's getting to be a film truism that real women hate executives and adore failures, especially artistic failures. This is apparently related to facial hair. The executive typically has a moustache, while the arty failure always has a beard.

'This particular bungler is played by Jeff Bridges, who is right in character as he handles the murder mystery astonishingly badly. That's what being "human" is these days, at least on the screen.