Outfitting a growing child for the ski slopes can be an expensive proposition, but this Saturday (from 10 to 5) you can sell the snug ski jackets and toe-pinching boots crowding your attic at a yard sale at Alpine Ski Shop in Oakton.

"Last year we had tons of clothing and loads of boots," says Eddie Bunch, manager of the store. "Then there were the people who owned ski racks for their compact cars but no longer had compact cars."

Comb through your house tonight to unearth your loot and decide on price. Alpine supplies tags and tables and an acre of land in front of the store. Members of the National Ski Patrol, who receive 10 per cent of the proceeds, will give pointers on equipment and help you decide if those boots you're trying on really do fit.

As one of the season's first gatherings of area skiers, this is also an opportunity to share tips about the winter ahead and to tell stories about misses and near-misses of last year. According to Bunch, the first snow will fall October 18 - yes, October - so what you pick up at the sale might serve you even more than you think.

Parking is available at Oakton Junior High School. The yard sale rain date is October 14, since everyone knows that rain and skiing just don't mix.