UP IN SMOKE - Annandale, Carrolton 6, Cerberus, K-B Georgetown Square, marlow and Roth's Tyson's Corner.

Hey, man. "Up In Smoke," Cheech and Chong comedy that opened last week at area theaters, may give you a buzz, but don't count on it to keep you high. Like, you know, the film suffers from a bad case of burn-out, leading one to nod off between jokes and wonder why producer Lou Adler bothered to attempt a Doper's Delight in this post-Woodstock age of Clean Living.

Of course, people still smoke grass, and he probably figured a few Space Cadets on the playgrounds of Montgomery County's high schools would rush to defend the merits of his movie. But a lively animation of Zap Comics or another reel of "Felix the Cat" would have sufficed.

Like, man, this gig's where it was at maybe seven years ago, when Cheech and Chong were exploiting the humor of high times.

Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, comic masters of '60s drug humor, play "Up In Smoke's" Pedro and the Man, two unwaiting dopers who bumble their way from joint to joint, bust to bust, pill to pill. pedro and the Man will swallow whatever anyone dishes out.

"Hey, don't take those pills," warns the man.

"Whaddya mean, 'Don't take 'em,' man? I already took 'em," screams Pedro.

And the two roustabouts are off on a slap-stick, drug-addled odyssey that speeds them from Pedro's East Los Angeles barrio across the Mexican border. Their mission improbable is to drive back a van constructed totally from high-grade marijuana. Along this High Road, the two partners keep one step ahead of Stacy Keach, chief narc to a squad of buffoons, manage to form a punk rock band, adopt two spacey ladies and survive an endless round of The Munchies.

Unfortunately, "Up In Smoke" winds up as a hapless attempt to wrap a few very funny Cheech and Chong routines around a tired plot of counter-culture cliches. Perhaps it's as the ads suggest: This is one movie you won't want to see without altering your state of conciousness beforehand.