Victor Korchnol won the 29th game of his world championship chess match with Anatoly Karpov, taking his second victory in a row and reviving dead hopes that he might win the title. With the score now at 5 to 4 in Karpov's favor, Korchnol's chances look considerably better than they did before game 28, when the score was 5 to 2.

He is still in a sudden-death situation - the title goes to the first player who wins six games - but one more Korchnoi victory would put Karpov in the same situation.

Korchnoi was suffering from a severe cold throughout the game, which took 79 moves and nine hours, spreas out over Saturday and Sunday. He said, "I'm exhausted" after the game was ended, but the style of his play showed little sign of illness of fatigue.

He chose a vigorous opening that gave him small advantages in position and develpment, reduced Karpov to passivity for most of the game and twice offered exchanges that disrupted his kingside pawn structure when the game looked drawish. His usual problems with the cropped up several times in the game, but Karpov, playing fast to upset Korchnoi, was the one who made the fatal error.