Reprinted from yesterday's late editions

With luck, you'll leave a modern dance concert with one or two dances that stick in the mind. But on the opening program the Massachusetts-based Dance Gallery brought to WPA Thursday the dances kept getting better and better.

After a humdrum start, the evening warmed up with Dr. John M. Wilson's "Aurorean Night." Wilson despite his impressive title, has a good sense of humor; "Aurorean Nights" had clown-clad dancers wildly leaping into spread-eagle poses that left them hanging in the air like helicopters.

Katherine Sanderson's "Memory of the Loss of Wings" opened with dancer Peter Schmitz, alone on stage, his arms held behind him like clumsy wings, swinging backward, with his eyes closed, as if he were flailing for something just behind him and out of reach. The gesture summed up the heartsick mood of this beautiful dance of arrested development and crippled impulses.

The movements in choreographer Hannah Kahn's "Debussy Dance" were at once massive and lyrical, rather like forms in a Braque painting. Though the level of performance throughout was not quite up to the repertory, it seems captious to complain.

It's rare to find this many good dances on one program.