Two lines into his first song Barry polisar, lyricist and satirist, had 300 children (from Kindergarden to 3rd grade for this performance) captivated, and they remained so for 40 minutes of amusing yet meaningful songs. Polisar's show was the second in the six-part children's art series sponsored by the Kennedy Center's Alliance for Art Education.

His song titles suggest the subjects with which his lyrics deal: "I'm a Three Toed, Triple-Eyed, Double-Jointed Dinosaur," "The Apple of My Eye" (a song about a cyclops), "I Got a Teacher, She's So Mean" and "Thump Thump Thump." Heavy on the monster imagery and written from a child's perspective, the songs express fear, aggression, rebellion against authority figures, and plain old wishes to be naughty.

Many of thesongs turn back on themselves in an effective use of irony that children understand. In "I Got a Teacher, She's So Mean" a pupil gets even with his teacher by answering her questions with nonsense syllables. "But I know she really loves me 'cause I'm still in first grade."

Polisar performrs again today at 10:30 and noon. Scheduled Oct. 26-28 is "Hatshepsut - Daughter of the Nile," a participatory play; Nov. 2-4, "I'll Be In On That," a documentary history of Australia; Nov. 9-11, "Words, Rhythms and Song," poetry by tommy Scott Young; Nov. 16-18, Jeff Davis and feff Warner, a program of folk music.