Q - I recently started working at a manufacturing company in the public relations department. One of my duties is taking pictures for the company bulletin. I've taken several photo courses in the past, but for the most part, they've emphasized the basics - camera operation, lighting, shutter speed, etc. Now I'm encountering subjects that move, untypical lighting , and a host of problems never discussedin the classroom. Can you recommend a good photojournalism book that's heavy on practical application?

A - The best way to find "the" right photo book for you is to browse at your nearby bookstore or library, comparing the offerings. As a starting point, however, I can recommend The Complete Book of 35 mm Photography by Jerry Yulsman (Coward, McCann & Geoghegan) and The Complete Photographer by Andreas Feininger (Prentice-Hall). Both authors go beyond the basics, offering tips from years of experience in professional photography. Also, check out the vast range of publications under Kodak's name at photo stores.

Q - I'm of the remaining stero or 3-D camera users, particularly for travel pictures. I would appreciate any information you might have as to a source for cardboard mounting frames for 3-D slides. I have the equimpment for cutting and mounting, since I formerly mounted my own. Any other information on 3-D photography would be appreciated .

A - While I know of no source for stero slide mounts, I'm sure some dedicated stero photographer does. If he'll write me, I'll pass the information on to you in a future column. Meanwhile, you may want to place an ad in the "Stero Equipment Wanted" category of Shutterbug Ads and see if you get a response. You can obtain a single copy for $2 by writing the publication at P.O. Box F, Titusville, Fla. 32780.