There is an element of discovery about the Phillips Collection's Sunday afternoon concerts because they are one of the city's best forums for emerging artists. Those who attended yesterday's concert by mezzo- [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Adelle Nicholson heard a young singer whose career may be exciting to watch.

Nicholson is blessed with a big, rich voice, which has an appealing tinge of huskiness. She is attractive to look at and not afraid to throw herself passionately into a song. Her innate musical sense and feeling for the flow of line are strong.

For a young singer Nicholson has already done much to shape the talent she has been given. Her diction is excellent, her musical understanding solid. She needs, however, to worked her dynamic and color range. If she can learn to bring the same intention to softer passages that she does to [WORD ILLEGIBLE] louder ones she will add more excitement to an already exciting style.

Nicholson showed a particular attitude for the subtleties of Debussy and the passions of Granados, although in both cases a wider color choice would have made her performanance each more effective. Daniel [WORD ILLEGIBLE] "Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers for voice and tape, was an interesting work well projected.

Pianist Marjorie Lee was an able accompanist and flutist [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Kopfstein-Penk was a pleasing [WORD ILLEGIBLE] to a Bach Selection.