The Washington Opera will go ahead with its production of Mozart's "Abduction From the Seraglio" next week after all. The opera had been canceled because of the musicians' strike at the Kennedy Center Opera House.

That strike was settled late Wednesday night and Gary Fifield, the opera company's managing director, said in a statement yesterday, "We quickly investigated every possibility to determine whether we could produce the opera in an artistically valid manner in the time left.

"After an incredible series of cliff-hanging episodes," he said, "we were able to say, 'Yes, the show will go on.'"

"Abudction" will be presented as originally scheduled on Nov. 11, 14, 17 and a matinee Nov. 19. There will be no performances of "Rigoletto," also canceled by the strike.

The singing cast of "Abduction" will remain the same, but David Alden will replace Nathaniel Merrill as stage director, taking on the duties at the last minute.

Conductor Reinhard Peters reportedly had left his home in Germany to vacation in Italy when he got word the production was on. He immediately returned home to prepare for the trip to Washington.

"We were forced to end the rehearsal process for 'Abduction' on Oct. 25 because, at that time with no end in sight for the strike, we had approached a point at which it would have been financially irresponsible to pass," said Fifield.

"The strike agreement reached Wednesday night gives us just enough time to reschedule rehearsals within a tight time frame and to end with performance that we believe will be of the quality our public expects from us," he said.