Reprinted from yesterday's late editions

As a choreographer, Jose Limon had his dark and brooding side, but very little of the melancholy Moor showed through in the reconstruction of his early "Concerto Grosso," performed by American University dance students at Clendenen Thursday night Risa Steinberg, artist-in-residence at AU this semester and a member of the Jose Limon Dance Company, expanded Limon's trio to acommodate eight student dancers and also performed with compact precision in a derivative, but pleasing group piece choreographed by Sharon Ann Wyrrick.

Limon has been out of style for years, but his reputation has been slowly rising, now that honestly "dancy" dances are once again respectable. Although the students performing "Concerto Grosso" had problems with the tempo, they managed to convey the outlines of the dance satisfactorily and to suggest something of Limon's special ardor and gallantry, as well as his mastery of musical and psychological nuance.

Elsewhere, the program was spotty, but Peggy Lamb's "Friends and Company," based on girls' games, had some bright moments and a moving ending. Robin Jacqueline Simmon's bluesy and sensuous warm-up to Carmen McCrae's "I Fall In Love Too Easily" was slightly terrific - she melted all over the barre.