Welcome to the foothills of the 1980s. If the '70s were out chance to live out the effects of the sexual revolution of the '60s, the '80s may be the decade of asexuality.

Sex has become too dangerous emotionally, the January Forum reports. It's becoming so easy to obtain that it's "lost its meaning."

And what does the world, specifically the world of celebrities think of this?

"Asexuality definitely avoids a lot of problems," says rock star Mick Jagger (whose own views on sex are rather steamily reported in the December High Society).

"I don't know about the rest of America," says Andy Warhol, "but I'd rather laugh in bed than do it. I like to get under the covens and crack jokes."

Producer Joe Papp suggests that "sexuality -- hetero and homosexuality -- is the problem in America, not asexuality."

"My off-the-cuff reaction, since I lack any knowledge in this particular area," says actor Cliff Robertson, "is that it would be interesting to know if asexuality might be due to a bombardment of sex in the media."

And there is this enlightened comment from the Italian actress Elsa Martinelli:

"What is it? How would you translate it into Italian?"