Finally, an American magazine has taken a hard look at the on-again, off-again romance between California Zen governor Jerry Brown and pop singer Linda Ronstadt.

In an editorial in the Dec. 4 issue of Fortune, no less than the house of Luce offers some appropriately headlined "Matrimonial Advice:"

"Should Jerry Brown marry Linda Ronstadt? We now feel he should, although not for the reason advanced by Evelle Younger, Brown's Republican opponent in the gubernatorial race. (Several weeks before his election day burial, Younger opined that Jerry would benefit from the experience of changing diapers.)"

No, Fotune tells us, Linda would help Jerry straighten out his thinking. "One day he's against economic growth, the next day he's crusading for it... He started out against Proposition 13, and ended up as though he'd invented it."

On the other hand, Linda knows exactly what she wants. Time Inc. calls her "possibly the only rock singer in the land whose basic attitudes have never been antiestablishment," quoting one of her treatments of this Chuck Berry Lyric -- "I'm so glad I'm living in the USA."

Beyond that, we figure Fortune must have read Linda's interview in the Oct. 19 Rolling Stone where she proffers this advice:

"If something terrible happened to Standard Oil, a lot of people will be out of jobs. You can say what you want about big multinationals running the country and stuff, but the fact remains that we need that, we need their services, we need jobs from them, and they are in a better position to decide what's going to be good for the economic climate of the country and for the rest of the world."