Early in her career, singer Kiki Dee rode to popular success on the coat-tails of the amiable superstar, Elton John.She had two hit records and toured for awhile, but, as John's tidal wave subsided her career was lost at sea.

Dee resurfaced in Washington last night at the Bayou with a show whose musical and visual splashiness was sa minor version of the old Eltonian extravaganzas. Wearing bright blue astin pants, a billowy satin shirt and sporting curly locks, she paraded about the stage while her seven-piece back-up group provided a tight and balanced accompaniment.

Her singing is like a vocal acrobat, capable of warm tones for slower numbers, rising to an ear-splitting shriek for the heavy rockers. She can growl a soulful vocal and then switch to a smoother approach on middle-of-the-road numbers. Regrettably, her talents are wasted on material that is mediocre at best and her singing could hardly rescue the sappy ballads and predictable rock 'n' roll songs that she included in her show.

Kiki Dee is an engaging performer, yet many of her abilities are submerged in an ocean of misuse. She has the potential for becoming an accomplished stage artist, but for the moment, her show seems to be a little wet behind the ears.