James Shelton's performance on "The Dating Game" didn't win him a date with a Los Angeles Rams cheerleader. But it did get him the long arm of the law.

Shelton 26, made an early departure a year ago from a minimum security correctional facility in Davenport where he was serving a one-year term for larceny.

He was back in Davenport Tuesday, a victim of his television success.

"I knew that when I used my actual name and people saw me I would be reccognized, but I didn't know it would be this soon," said Shelton, a former Rock Island, I11., resident.

And he pushed his luck. In addition to "The Dating Game," he taped two performances on "The Gong Show."

The "Gong Show" tapes have yet to be televised here, but "The Dating Game" was Shelton's downfall last month: a former correctional center worker recognized him and the search was on.

Authorities didn't have to look far-Shelton heard of the search and called a Davenport attorney to say he would turn himself in.

He surrendered to authorities Tuesday and was ordered returned to the correctional center by Scott County District Judge Nathan Grant.

Grant ordered that Shelton be held pending an investigation of his activities during the past year.

Shelton said he left Davenport aftrer being drawn to the West Coast because of the cold westher in the Mid-west.

"It was kind of stupid to leave," Shelton said, noting he had only four months remaining on his one-year term.

Shelton said he wants to move back to California "as soon as this thing is over.

"Once I get out of the correctional program and get a job, I hope this whole ting will be a plus for my career," Shelton said. "I plan to write a comedy script about it."