Chris Sanger answers the president's telephone calls. But she tells people they've got the wrong number-in the wrong state and the wrong color house.

An irate general demanding to speak with President Carter and a Wyoming girl asking for the president's daughter, Amy, have been among the callers-often four or five a day-who've misdialed the White House number and gotten the Sanger's gold house instead.

The family moved into their home in August and began receiving calls for the president, the White House and Amy. They didn't figure out the mystery until they compared the area codes (theirs is 206, the White House 202).

"We get calls from all over the country. I've even had the operators dial this number." said Sanger.

A San Francisco woman talked for 20 minutes, even after, Sanger told her she had the wrong number.

The calls come in spurts and often follow news developments. "We'll go three or four days annd won't get any. Then we'll get six dozen or so," she said.

After four months, the novelty has worn off - there have been no famous wrong-number callers - and the Sangers may have their mumber changed.