Q - Which king of tree will stay green and attractive when used indoors for a Christmas tree?

A - Scotch pine, Douglas fir, balsam fir, Fraser fir, and Eastern white pine are the most popular Christmas trees. If given good care, needle retention indoors throughout the holidays is excellent. Scotch pine is believed to be the most widely sold Christmas tree. Balsam fir also is well liked because of its pleasant "balsam" odor. White pine with its fairly long needles, fine in texture and bluish green in appearance, is also widely used. Hemlock and spruce are attractive, but they lose their needles quickly.

Q - Which kinds of greens are best for wreaths for indoor holiday decorations?

A - Pines, firs and cedars. Hemlock and spruces are excellent for outdoor wreaths, but when brought into a warm building may lose their needles in a few days. Boxwood, yews and holly also provide decorative greenery.

Q - What are some of the things birds like best? we want to decorate a hemlock on our yard with food for them.

A - All varieties of fruits, nuts and berries will attract birds. Uncooked grains and many kinds of kitchen scraps provide basic foods. Also valuable are birdseed mixtures made especially for wild birds and available in most supermarkets. Thread popcorn and hang it on the tree. It is highly attractive to many species of birds, as is cracked corn. Cover doughnuts with peanut butter mixed with cornmeal and hang them from branches - a special treat for many kinds.