There appears to be a new problem facing area racquetball enthusiasts-not where to play, but what kind of facility to choose. Not to despair: The choices are numerous.

For the ascetic, there are public courts and private clubs that offer only the necessary courts and locker rooms. If you like a sauna, swim or whirlpool after a strenuous game, there are clubs that make that possible, too.

Some clubs offer glass-walled courts, over-look decks, courts and rooms for party rental, bars and restaurants. The intersts of women players are not overlooked,either: Most clubs offer nursery facilities during the week and sponsor women's tournaments and ladders. And for the fashion-oriented, proshops are, in most cases, an integral part of the club.

This listing does not include the many school and university courts restricted to students and faculty or courts at military installations restricted to military personnel, in apartments and condominiums restricted to residents, in community centers restricted to members or the public courts in county and city parks, which are generally one-walled and used for tennis. In all cases, it's good idea to phone for reservations. CAPTION: SQUASH (SHOWN HERE) AND RACQUETBALL COURTS ARE POPPING UP ALL AROUND THE BELTWAY. By James A. Parcell.