As we draw the cloak of 1978 tightly around our shoulders and pace the floor with measured steps, let's think together and peer into the future as we scan a horoscope for 1979.

In great part, the new year promises more of what we've lived through in 1978: Most of the heavy planets stay pretty much where they've been for the past few months. Only Jupiter, the planet of benevolence, does much moving around to key aspects for the year.

Probably the most significant thing to watch will be the eclipses of 1979 -- two main solar eclipses and one major lunar eclipse.

The first of the solar eclipses, on February 28, bodes ill for any Middle East sttlement and, in fact, heightens the danger of renewed hostilities. Even if there's no open warfare, indications are for increased terrorist activity during the week surrounding this eclipse. We might see increased troop movement in the area, with indications that there'll be military units from various countries mixed together doing battle -- perhaps troops from various nations fighting under the U.N. flag or, perhaps, defecting troops joining an invading force. There will be communications problems in the Atlantic, with sudden blackouts in radio communications -- blackouts that will be erratic and devastating.

The second eclipse, August 26, is a different kind of event: Its position indicated something sensational. There may well be stories of sex, scandal and even the leak of state secrets that will shock most of the world. There's a distinct possibility that the United States may be the place where these aspects will be felt the most. There could be a scandal of such far-reaching proportions that it could shake the fabric of our government; it could force resignations of high administration officials and cast the president in a bad light.

The lunar eclipse in September is not the most agreeable time, either. It's a time of hardship for the man in the street, a harbinger of crop destruction and famine, and acts with the August solar eclipse as the second side of the pincer.

The coming year is, generally, a time for caution and for not jumping helter-skelter into new concepts and ideas. Here's a sign-by-sign rundown:

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) For all you independent Arians, 1979 doesn't seem to be either spectacularly good or terrifyingly bad. You'll have to put up with some frustrations, but nothing you can't handle. One of the main problems you face is that your planetary aspects seem to rob you of your independence. You'll have plenty of action in your life, but it'll be action initiated by others. The business of not totally controlling your own destiny can be hard on you, so keep your wits about you. You Aries people are passionate and impetuous in love, so as Jupiter transits your fifth house (romance) this year you should meet many people to share your feelings. Good luck!

TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) For most Taurians, 1979 is not going to be all that different from 1978. Personal relationships will continue to be very important, with romance getting a little boost when Jupiter enters your fifth house (romance) in October. During the last three months of the year, speculation and gambling should be avoided. Your timing and instinct will be out of kilter. Uranus in your seventh house could mean a breakup of a long-standing partnership, which might be caused by petulance on your part as you sulk over real or imagined wrongs. Keep your head together and don't go off the deep end.

GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Brace for it, Geminis. In 1979 your fourth house (the home and family members) takes a pounding. Saturn sits there all year, and only Jupiter's entry in the fall will help ease things a bit around the house. You have a nasty Neptune square Saturn in the fall that will cause you to deprive yourself of things you want for weird reasons -- reasons you dream up that really aren't very good. One other thing: There will be times in 1979 that you'll become very discontented with your job and will want to strike out on your own. That's not too bad, since you Geminis can adapt to almost anything. Just beware. Do it yourself, and not with a partner. Almost all new partnerships you get involved with will mean trouble, and even some of your long-standing ones will break up on very sour notes.

CANCER (June 22 to July 21) With Jupiter running through your first three houses in 1979, the year should be pretty good. During the spring, be confident. Things should be good for you on the job. You might even get that raise you feel you deserve. When summer comes, you really get lucky. Don't be afraid to speculate when someone offers you a good money deal. Even if it should be a bit cuckoo, it probably will work out. The summer also bodes well for romance: From midsummer to the end of the year you are especially attractive.

LEO (July 22 to Auguse 21) For Leos, 1979 promises some good news and some bad news. Saturn, the Oppressor, spends all year in your second house (financial matters). This will no doubt limit your income. It will also make you dissatisfied with some of your possessions, such as your house, garden or clothes. Don't be the fastest on the draw when it's time to pick up a check -- you must be patient and have financial control.Late in spring, Jupiter will bring you some better times: Some of the things you've been missing will come your way. A major trip may come about; if it does, it will be successful. You will also find your social life picking up in the summer. Enjoy it; things become sticky again later. The last part of the year will find a lot of things tumbling down. There'll be problems around the home with someone very close. But be of good cheer, and patient. Things get better in 1980.

VIRGO (August 22 to September 22) For the most part, Virgos will be under the influence of Saturn in 1979, and that will put a damper on many things. One of the problems you'll face is an increased responsibility, responsibility that will be forced on you and that you really don't want. Yet, you have experienced this before, and will sigh and get on with it. In the fall, some Neptunian influences come to bear on home and domestic matters. These are not happy influences and will have to be dealt with with great patience. In October, happily, Jupiter, a very benevolent fellow, moves into your sun sign and you become more confident and optimistic. It's a period of general expansion in all facets of your life. Enjoy.

LIBRA (September 23 to October 23) Here you are -- the easy-going, accommodating, calm and generous Libra -- breaking out of the shell. This type of seeking for independence and freedom will continue and grow in 1979. Not only are you doing things you never believed you could, but you're thinking more positively than ever before. To top all this, to make it even more atractive, you're going to get a big boost from good friends in almost everything you do and every idea and daydream you have. Look for some finacial problems in midsummer and a general "down" feeling along with it. By October this all passes. By year's end you could become involved with a secret love affair. This is all part of your new independence, but don't count too heavily on this working out for long periods -- Saturn's still around too cool things off.

SCORPIL (October 23 to November 21) Uranus is in Scorpio for all of 1979, and this will keep your life stirred up. Uranus has a definite way of showing its independence, so be careful -- try to keep your mouth shut and MYOB. In the spring, working conditions will improve. You reach a better understanding with the people you work with, and it will make your life more pleasent. Your job will continue to be troublesome, although you will be treated with respect by both employer and co-workers. There are indications of financial trouble in midsummer -- you may be called on to show how talented you are in filling in for a high official, then learn that the financial rewards are not forthcoming. It's also necessary that you don't overinvest during middle and late summer; you could get caught short. Another lucky thing: Late 1979 is a time for friends. Don't hesitate to ask them for help -- they can and want to. Listen especially to your friends who are financial experts; they can keep you calm.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Remember how crummy things were in 1978? Well, sorry to say, Sagittarians, look for more of the same for most of the New Year. Actually, starting in the spring, things will start a broad but gentle climb out of the pits. You will experience a brief but delightful Grand Trine, which wonht help your job or hard, important, tangible things. It will however, be just great for remance and travel. A Carribbean cruise could take care of both. Later in the year, the aspects reflect pessimism. You have a tendency to slip into a martyr complex, so fight it off. By the last quarter of the year, things get better. Your job takes an upward swing and gets moving. During this time it's important that you rely on decisions of the heart rather than calculated decision of the mind. Saturn, heavy and oppressive, will try to keep you down though most of the year. Jupiter, the planet of benevolence, will help you look up. Sigh at that New Year's Eve party -- 1980 cannot be far behind.

CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 20) The people of Capricorn like to have their efforts recognized, and 1979 is a time when this can happen. Your year begins with a Mars aspect that gives you much energy. You also are at a time when you can handle the money of others or have great result in property management. It may be that you're called on to handle family money; if so, do it. The thing to watch, however, is your extravagance. Because you're in a period of success, you tend to overspend. Be especially careful in midsummer, since some of your investments will slip into downright gambles. You'll probably win them, but there are some chances to fail. The last part of the year can be mentally confusing and depressing, and it will be very easy for you to slip into the doldrums. Keep your practical side up, donht get involved with too deep a philosophical study and you'll be O.K. Probably the best way for you to counter the blues at year's end is to get into some charitable work. This is the type of thing that gratifies you and can give you that needed mental boost.

AQUARIUS (January 21 to February 19) With Jupiter hanging around your seventh house for most of 1979, you'll have plenty of opportunity to form long-lasting partnerships, including marriage. Even if you aren't planning a wedding for yourself, you'll be talking and thinking about one for a close relation or friend. Somehow you're going to be involved. Saturn, a tough bird at best, stays in your eighth house most of the year. This is a time when your investments turn sour. This, coupled with a bad Neptune aspect, could make you depressed and want to give up easily. Don't do it. A great many of your problems are self-made and your imagination's running wild; control it. There's a little easing of this financial trouble during the last three months of the year, but it won't all go away. The more you think about 1980, the better. It appears that 1979 will be mostly down, but looking up as the new year comes along.

PISCES (February 20 to March 20) Most of what you saw in 1978 is what you'll get in 1979. Most of your major planets will remain in about the same positions as 1978, so you'll see less of a change than many of the people around you. In the spring, working conditions will improve dramatically: You'll get on better with the people working around you and there'll be more fun in your job. As summer comes in, however, so do tensions. Try not to put too much faith in grand and glorious promises, because the people making them won't be able to produce. Take a very practical attitude toward partnerships, approaching them with caution and a conservative attitude. This is not a good time for such things. Play the lone wolf where possible. This will be a year of working out problems. Be strong and stable.