Your generous reponse to my year-end call for help for Children's Hospital indicates there is hope we can meet our $200,000 goal by Jan. 31.

I am heartened, too, by the good wishes and the words of encouragement that accompany your checks. Thank you. I wish you all a year of good health and fulfillment.

Although I cannot respond by mail to a hundred readers a day, I want you to know that your messages have sustained me during this campaign. You have given an old man more stamina than he thought was attainable at this late date.

We can begin today's report by recording the arrival of $10 from the Star Point Society, Hope Chapter 73, OES (Fairfax). "Our 16-year-old and two friends" went caroling in the rain in Silver Spring on Christmas Eve and earned $21 for the hospital. Personnel in the Office of Measurement Services of the National Bureau of Standards decided not to send each other $27 worth of holiday cards. The Foxhall Ladies Bowling League (of Wheaton) contributed $29.

During the office Christmas party at Television Digest, somebody passed the hat for the choldren and found they had a rating of $32. Girl Scout Troops 2109 and 222 (both of Bethesda) blended their voices in Christmas carols that earned $36.04 worth of medical help for a needy child.

A check for $38 arrived with the notation, "Remainder of money collected by Technical Services, Division 8, FBI." "The people in the executive offices of Colquitt-Carruthers" sent me $41 and a challenge to personnel in the firm's 29 branch offices to meet or beat that total. The Handy Andy types who work at the IBM Washington Field Support Center Copier and Typewriter Shops sent me $45 they raised by not exchanging in-house Christmas gifts.

Another $50 arrived from the U.S. Court of Claims with a request that it be added to the gift from that group previously recorded here. Hearing no objection, the chair so orders.

The Psychological Services Staff at the Child Improvement Agency (or whatever it is that CIA stands for) chipped in $55. A CIA unit that declined to identify itself sent $60 left over from an office party.

Last week's special at Safeway Store 789 (on Milwaukee Place SE) was a $67 decision not to exchange gifts among employees there. Another $67 arrived from members of the ICA ("nee USIA") Photolab. A competition between the Purchasing Department and Computer Programming at U.S. News & World Report resulted in a $35-to- $35 tie and a total check of $70.

The Management Evaluation Branth of HEW's Office of Education sent me "warmest wishes" and a cool $78 for the children. The 13 women who own and staff Information Services Inc. and Health and Education Resources Inc., on Rockville Pike, integrated their efforts on behalf of the hospital by sending this male $90.

Ready for some three-digit help? No card exchange at Tab Products Co. in Rockville diverted $106 to the children. The York Adult Class at Woodside United Methodist Church sent in $113.50 that may help a needy child become an adult some day.

Five round-dance clubs teamed up to contribute $119.25 with this breakdown: Lake of the Woods, $22.25; Rossmoor Rounders, $21.50; Round-a-Bouts, $26.75; Roundets, $19.50; and Wizards of Oz, $29.25.

Personnel in the Office of safety of the Federal Highway Administration voted to send me $137.90 and to send each other no holiday cards. No card exchange among the men and women who work for the Wm. E. Miller Furniture Co. netted the children a profit of $245. Members of the Kiwanis Club of Falls Church wrote, "We wish you and the children at the hospital a healthy New Year, and are enclosing $260 for your famous shoebox."

In their 10th consecutive year of contributing to Children's Hospital, employees of the Food and Drug Administration's Bureau of Radiological Health chipped in $850, bringing their gifts during the past decade to a total of more than $5,600. Personnel at the Washington National Airport's FAA Control Tower have been helping the children for 14 years by not exchanging holiday cards among themselves. This year, $1,800 was sent in by this truly outstanding group of air traffic controllers.

My tally says these 25 group gifts add up to $4,447.69 and 70 individuals gave $1,684.47 to bring today's total to $6,132.16. Inasmuch as we began the day with $79,864.10, our shoebox now holds $85,996.26. Things are looking just a wee bit better now.