On Monday, I hope to give you a tally on this year's gifts to Children's Hospital from Navy units in this area.

Navy people who are retired, or are assigned to installations where money was not collected for the children, are invited to join their friends aboard the U.S.S. Miscellaneous. Please get your check to me by Saturday night so that it can be included in the Navy's total.

Our mailing address is published on page 2 every day. For those who can't read the small print, here it is in big black letters: "Bill Gold, c/o The Washington Post, Washington, D.C. 20071." You don't need a street address because the ZIP number is ours exclusively.

Today's report begins with $11.50 yielded up by a Cuss Box at the Transportation Institute. In Derwood, Md., "audul Girl Scouts and their Girl Scout daughters" sang Christmas carols that netted the hospital $15. A note from the Command and Control Group of the Raytheon Service Co. in Arlington said, "Here is $21.25 for your shoebox."

The judges of the Orphans Court of Charles County sent me $25. The Klingle Street Carolers earned $30.26 with their singing, but their check was for $35 -- perhaps because the Klingle Street Carolers caroled on Lowell Street and Weaver Terrace. I don't know; I'm all confused.

Members of the staff of the educational component of the Cheltenham Center, a regional resources center for children and adolescents, sent me $46 they saved by not exchanging gifts among themselves. No exchange of holiday greeting cards among personnel in the Alexandria Division, Defense Supply Service -- Washington, brought in $51. The cards that weren't exchanged in the Construction Statistics Division of the Bureau of the Census were good for $56.50.

There's also some confusion about The Christmas Carolers of Beltsville. They report that they didn't sing very well, so they took in "only" $57 -- but that earned them top honors among today's caroling groups.

Silver Spring Duplicate played its annual charity game for the kids and raised $66. Checks totaling $71 arrived from Decisions and Designs Inc. No card exchange at Metropolitan Associated Permit Services brought in $100.

For the third consecutive year, employees of Giant Food Store No. 95 (in Calverton) exchanged no gifts or cards, and for the third straight year their gift to Children's Hospital grew. This year it was $120.

Werres Corp. people sent me $130 from the firm's Rockville office. In a previous column, I told of receiving $1,800 from employees of the Melpar Division of E-Systems. Today I can report the arrival of another $150 from Melpar people who weren't in the shop when the $1,800 was being collected.

The Internal Revenue Service is a tenacious outfit, whether it is after tax dodgers or hospital deficits. Latest IRS unit to check in is the Technical Services Branch, where $170 worth of holiday cards weren't exchanged.

The Police Foundation and the Police Executive Research Forum, both nonprofit organizations devoted to the improvement of police services, sent me $190 that wasn't spent on an intramural card exchange. Employees of the Columbia Management Division of The Howard Research and Development Corp. asked that their $200 contribution be used for kidney research in memory of the daughter of a fellow worker who died recently.

The Christmas tree put up by members of the Science and Technology Division of IDA (Institute for Defense Analyses) grew $215 worth of ever-green Yankee dollars. Staff members of Andrews (Air Force) Federal Credit Union didn't send each other $240 worth of gifts and cards. MAC (Mailing and Computer) Systems of Beltsville sent in $250. This year's collection for Children's Hospital at Foster Associates Inc. raised a hefty $440.

Yesterday I reported on $50 that arrived from the Main Post Office from people on the midnight shift who had missed out on the dayside's $2,628 collection. Today we can tally an additional $573 from USPS personnel who weren't on hand for the original collection. Isn't it nice to have a carrier who delivers checks, not bills?

Top honors for today go to the people at the Defense Communications Agency's Command and Control Technical Center in Reston. Center personnel held an auction that raised $766.50 for the children.

These 24 groups added $3,999.75 to the hospital's shoebox, and 72 individuals gave $2,188 to make today's total $6,187.75. Having begun the day with $101,603.74, we now have $107,791.49 on hand -- far short of our goal but with the Navy and Ma Bell still uncounted.