MARYLAND -- Under Maryland law, there is no limit on the number of fox, muskrat, mink and raccoon one can take during hunting season, which usually includes most of the fall and winter. Residents pay only $8 for a statewide license, and must observe the rules spelled out in "Guide to Hunting and Trapping in Maryland." Residents 65 and over pay only $1.25 for their licenses; Those under 16 pay $2.50. For licenses and information, write Maryland Wildlife Administration, B-2 Tawes Office Building, Annapolis 21401.

VIRGINIA -- Virginia law on trapping varies according to species and location; basically, residents can get a statewide trapping license for $15 ( $5 for trapping, hunting and fishing for those over 65, no charge for those under 16) and residents pay $50 for the same license. The season on fur-bearing animals is basically December 15 to February 28, though there are some variations by species -- e.g., fox. While there's no bag limit on raccoons east of the blue Ridge, there's a limit of 2k west of it; and so forth. Licensing agents throughout the state can supply the details. To find the nearest licensing agent, write the Virginia Game and Indland Fisheries Commission, P.O. Box 11104, Richmond 23230.