At Dance Project this weekend staff and students got together for a series of collaborative concerts, dancing side by side in a program that was varied and energetic, as well as democratic.

The high point of the rogram was Cathy Paine's "Changing Places," a trio which sets up nice contrasts between the relentless drive of the Vivaldi score and the disjunctions and fluent discontinuities of the choreography.

Susan Sachs performed well in a rather banal solo, "Butterflies Are Free," a piece which manages to be both arch and aracane at once, without ever quite taking hold of the psychic territory it lays claim to.

Elly Canterbury's "Limelight" was upbeat and successful and made pleasant use of afterthought as a choreographic device.

Final piece on the program was an excerpted performance of Risa Steinberg's reconstruction of Jose Limon's "A Choreographic Offering." The shapes and patterns of individual passages came through more clearly in this performance than in an earlier student performance at American University, as did the beauty of the gesture.

The larger group passages were a mess, however. Student dancers don't seem to be able to cope with the speed and floor patterns of this piece and still handle cadence and phrasing.