Here are the results of The Washington Post's white jug wine final tasting (see the story on page E1). Retail price spreads given are for 1.5-liter containers or half gallons. Comments are those of individual tasters shaped to give a group reaction to the wines .

1) Italian Swiss Colony Chablis, $3.19 to $3.69. 13.2 points. Clear, straw color; limited but fruity bouquet; nice balance, good flavor; clean and fresh on the palate.

2) Los Hermanos Chablis, $3.59 to $4.09. 12.8 points. No serious flaws though somewhat short on aroma; attractive color, slightly high in acid, but more complex than most others.

3) La Fleur Blanche, $3.69 to $4.19. 12.8 points. Pale color; slightly flowery nose but plenty of acid in the wine. Dry, peppery taste.

4) Taylor California Cellars Chablis, $3.59 to $4.09. 12.7 points. Dark gold color; fruit (apricot) in nose and in taste; on the sweet side, mellow, but with body and complexity; a good wine to sip by itself.

5-tie) Alexis Lichine White Table Wine, $5.49 to $5.99. 12.3 points. Clear, golden color; looks crisp, has character; fairly tart with a nice clean finish.

5-tie) Paul Masson Chablis, $3.79 to $4.19. 12.3 points. Smells good; thin on bouquet; a nice all-around wine, neither too sweet nor astringent; slight sense of apples.

7-tie) Ecu Royal Country White, $3.79 to $4.29. 12.1 points. Medium color; maybe lowest acid content of the imports; considerable body, faintly sweet; long aftertaste.

7-tie) Inglenook Navelle Chablis, $3.59 to $4.09. 12.1 points. Sound, wellmade wine; some sense of sulphur in the nose; round with body and alcohol; good balance.

9) Remy Pannier Blanc de France, $4.99 to 5.49. 11.9 points. Light color, but more body than color indicates; flinty, with a hint of spice; lacks fruit and a short finish.

10) Bon Frere Blanc, $3.49 to $3.99. 11.8 points. Very clear. Refreshing sense of acid, but wine is a bit thin; no excitement at start or finish, bouquet muted.

11) Villa Banfi Roman White, $3.19 to $3.69. 11.2 points. Pale, odd bouquet; medium body, slightly spicy taste; bland; clean finish.

12) Fetzer Premium White, $5.49 to $5.99. 11.1 points. Sulpher nose, slight petillance in glass; assertive flavor, dry and earthy; plenty of body; astringent.