Area bluegrass fans went on a memory trip yesterday at Fairfax High School.

The Original Country Gentlemen closed a fast-moving 3 1/2-hour show which indeed ran the gamut of the music in the Washington area for the last 22 years.

Charlie Waller, still a Country Gentleman, Eddie Adcock of the II Generation, John Duffey and Tom Gray of the Seldom Scene appeared with their present groups before the reunion finale.

Bluegrass purists may not approve of the drums and electric bass used by Adcock in the II Generation. But they made it clear they still love Eddie's banjo-playing and singing.

The Seldom Scene held its own reunion, with John Starling of Montgomery, Ala., doing a set with the rest of the original members of the group. His playing and singing have not suffered from his absence of a year and a half.

Phil Rosenthal, Starling's successor with the Scene, reunited his former group, Old Dog, from Connecticut, and added the Scene's Mike Auldridge for a nice easygoing set.

The present-day Country Gentlemen displayed their usual solid musicianship and close harmonies.

The Original Gentlemen did exactly what two sellout crowds paid and waded through the snow to see -- picked, sang and entertained as only they could do.