So how do you dress for a blizzard?

First to keep warm and then to keep dry. And for many Washingtonians watching the snowball fight at Dupont Circle yesterday, that added up to a pretty spiffy look.

For warmth there were furs, largely of the long-hair variety, down parkas, shearling and duffle coats and at least one full-length quilted coat considered by the wearer, at least, to be the warmest style around.

On the feet fur boots, hiking shoes, cowboy boots, plumber's boots and a number of good old-fashioned galoshes.

And then there were the innovators, most of them working with plastic bags. Some used baggies as liners for their sneakers or shoes to keep out the wetness. For others, particularly those breaking through the tall snow in the suburbs, garbage-bag gators constituted the most sensible fashion.

Below, from left:

Architect Mokhless Al-Hariri, in fur jacket and fur boots, with Marylynn White, school admissions director in long opossum coat.

The long quilted coat worn by Bonnie Cutler, an editor at the Franklin Library, reverses from green to black. With her is Mark Heutlinger, deputy director of NORML, in parka and jeans.

Ian Walters, 15 months, and Andrew Keep, 19 months, splash in the snow in classic snowsuits, knitted caps and galoshes.

In garbage-bag gators in McLean, Jeff, 14, and Randy Pope.

Diane Kassir, a photographer in tights and baggie-lined boots, walks with her Afghan hound Morgan.