Q What kind of a tripod would you recommend for my 35mm photography ?

A I definitely recommend a sturdy one. Some photographers make the mistake of suiting the support to the size of the format. This is wrong. If anything, the smaller the camera the steadier the tripod has to be, since the negative or transparency has to be enlarged more than from the larger size film of 120 and up.

Professional photographers who use the 35mm format know this and take good care to have that camera steady to compete for sharpness with the larger camera users.

A good way to test the sturdiness of a tripod when shopping is to extend it fully, lock all the controls and lean on it a little. Wiggle it if you can.If you can detect any movement, don't buy it. Move on to the others and give them the same test.

One of the sturdier tripods that is relatively light and firm is the Tiltall brand that I use. This is a good field tripod because it's a tubular, all-aluminum construction with very tight friction locks that hold the adjustments snug.

Q I'm an avid photographer and have heard about an organization called the Photographic Society of America. Can you tell me something about this group, what they do and how I could join ?

A The Photographic Society of America is ac-tually an international organization with over 18,000 members worldwide. They have an address listing through which you can contact members when you travel, but even if you stay at home you can attend local meetings and participate in club activities. As a member you'll receive a monthly journal with outstanding articles on every aspect of photography, notices of local meetings and the Regional and International Conventions, as well as a listing of exhibitions and shows in which you can participate.

Your local group, the Pittsburgh chapter of the P.S.A. is at present sponsoring the 66th Pittsburgh International Salon of Photographic Art which will be held in March of 1979. The deadline for entries is March 6, 1979, for slides and March 20, 1979, for prints. For entry forms write to Eleanor B. Grove, 463 Biddle Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15221.

Other chapters are equally active. The Los Angeles P.S.A. holds three "Roundups" annually where programs are offered on color slides, pictorial prints, motion picture, nature and more.

For membership information write to: Photographic Society of America Head-quarters, 2005 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19103.

I highly recommend that you join this group if you are "really into" photography because the best way to learn is by doing -- and by learning from others what pictures are all about.