The early part of a new year always brings exciting sports films summarizing last year's activities, so it was hardly a surprise when "The 1978 United States Tennis Open" arrived.

The 1978 Open was an interesting event. Conducted for the first time at Flushing Meadows, it drew 350 entrants from 49 countries. The level of play was, as expected, superb.

This film is the best of the tennis lot we've seen. It contains a lot of excellent slowmotion material, which allows you to see moves (and facial expressions) you'll never catch in any other way.

The women's final had Chris Evert against Pam Schreiber. It was youth and Strength against experience and finesse, with the older (and wiser) Evert the victor against one of the women who may someday replace Chris at the top of the heap.

The men's final was a classic -- Jimmy Connors against Bjorn Borg. Connors was fighting to regain the prestige he'd lost when beaten by Borg at Wimbeldon, and this rematch produced some excellent tennis from the world's top two players.

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