GOTHAM -- Waaay Off Broadway, 55 K Street SE. 488-1207.

Gotham, the very clever comedy trio, is back at the Waaay Off Broadway, the cabaret theater near Capitol Hill.

Combining a decidedly gay comedic style with a variety of polished song-and-dance routines are Gary Herb, Michael Pace and David McDaniel (and musical director Ron Abel). The group leaves a lasting impression that makes warm friends out of fans and brings many people back for another look.

You don't have to be gay (or male or young or white) to like Gotham. The group counts among its audiences men and women of both (or all) sexual persuasions, and various ages and races.

The threesome has lots of material, new and old, and does several different shows. Through Sunday it's "Those Oldies But Goodies" (with Zora Rasmussen also appearing); next comes "From Carnegie Hall to You," March 21 through 25 (with Tim Cahill). Then, from March 28 through April 1, it's "Finally Something New," a selection of the group's latest madness, (again with Tim Cahill).

Call for reservations (it's a smallish room). Also be aware that weekend parking isn't plentiful and that the neighborhood is slightly seedy.