Remember the last time we all wore suits? They were rigidly constructed jacket and skirt combinations, usually with the "perfect" suit blouse -- all with matching bag and shoes.

The new suits are as relaxed as jeans and a T-shirt. They are meant to be worn casually, with a blouse or not -- preferably not -- and with a changing mix of accessories. And they can adapt easily from daytime to evening.

But their biggest appeal is the neat, trim, ungimmicky style for the office. No struggling to put together a look -- it's all there for you. The group shown here, already proven successes in local stores, are a good investment at $98 to $200.

The belted suit by Carol Cohen for Braetan, far left, has a narrow skirt with slit. In textured poly cotton. At Woodward/Lothrop. $98.

The piped jacket suit in linen-like polyester and rayon has a black jacket outlined in cognac color to match the skirt. By Robert Paul Tobah for Devon Hall. At Raleights and Lord & Taylor, $160.

The belted suit by Havre Benard pairs a black gabardine jacket and white skirt with a back slit. At Saks Fifth Avenue, $190.

The accordion-pleated skirt and jacket by Bert Newman for Suitime in polyester gabardine comes with a dotted scarf and flower. At Lord & Taylor and Garfinckel's $110.

Kirkland Hall's worsted and polyester tropical suit can be worn with a blouse or without. At Raleighs and Woodward/Lothrop, $110.