The guests at last night's state dinner celebrating the signing of the Middle East Peace Treaty included the following:

(Because of space limitations, the guest list does not include members of the House of Representatives and their guests, nor members of the official Israeli and Egyptian delegations.)

President and Mrs. Carter, Vice President and Mrs. Mondale; Speaker and Mrs. O'Neill; Secretary of State and Mrs. Vance; Secretary of the Treasury and Mrs. Blumenthal; Secretary of Defense and Mrs. Brown; Attorney General and Mrs. Bell; Secretary of the Interior and Mrs. Andrus; Secretary of Agriculture Bergland; Secretary of Commerce Kreps and Dr. Clifton M. Dreps Jr.; Secretary of Labor and Mrs. Marshall; Secretary of Health, Education and Weifare Califano; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Harris and Hon. William B. Harris; Secretary of Transportation and Mrs. Adams; Secretary of Energy and Mrs. Schlesinger; Ambassador to the U.N. and Mrs. Andrew J. Young; Mrs. James T. McIntyre Fr.; Dr. and Mrs. Zbigniew Brzezinski, special assistant to the president for national security affairs; Hon. and Mrs. Robert S. Strauss, special representative for trade negotiations

Sen. Howard H. Baker Jr. (Tenn.); Henry L. Bellmon (Okia.); Sen. and Mrs. Lloyd M. Bentsen (Texas); Sen. and Mrs. Rudy Boschwitz (Minn.); Sen. and Mrs. Dale Bumpers (Ark.); Sen. and Mrs. Robert C. Byrd (Va.); Sen. and Mrs. Lawton Chiles (Fla.); Sen. and Mrs. Frank Church (Idaho); Sen. and Mrs. Alan Cranston (Calif.); Sen. and Mrs. John Culver (Iowa); Sen. and Mrs. Dennis DeConcini (Ariz.); Mrs. Thomas F. Eagleton (Mo.); Sen. and Mrs. Jake Garn (Utah); Sen. and Mrs. John H. Glenn (Ohio); Sen. and Mrs. Mark O.Hatfield (Ore.); Sen. S. I. Hayakawa (Calif.) and guest, Ms. Ruth Braley; Sen. and Mrs. Ernest F. Hollings (S.C.); Sen. and Mrs. Walter D. Huddleston (Ky.); Sen. and Mrs. Jacob K. Javits (N.Y.); Sen. and Mrs. J. Bennett Johnston (La.); Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (Mass.); Sen. and Mrs. Patrick J. Leahy (Vt.); Sen. and Mrs. Carl M. Levin (Mich.); Sen. and Mrs. Richard G. Lugar (Ind.); Sen. and Mrs. George McGovern (S.D.); Sen. and Mrs. Howard M. Metzenbaum (Ohio); Sen. and Mrs. Edmund S. Muskie (Maine); Sen. and Mrs Sam Nunn (Ga.); Sen. and Mrs. Robert W. Packwood (Ore.); Sen. and Mrs. Claiborne Pell (R.I.); Mrs. Charles H.Percy (Ill.) and guest, Peter G. Peterson, New York; Sen. and Mrs. David Pryor (Ark.); Sen. and Mrs. Abraham Ribicoff (Conn.); Sen. and Mrs. Donald W. Riegle Jr. (Mich.); Sen. and Mrs. Paul S. Sarbanes (Md.); Sen. and Mrs. Richard S. Schweiker (Pa.); Sen. John C. Stennis (Miss.); Sen. and Mrs. Richard Stone (Fla.); Sen. and Mrs. Strom Thurmond (S.C.); Sen. and Mrs. Edward Zorinsky (Neb.)

Gov. and Mrs. Brendan Byrne (N.J.); Gov. Hugh Carey (N.Y.); Gov. and Mrs. D. Robert Graham (Fla.); Gov. Ella T. Grasso (Conn.); Gov and Mrs. Harry Hughes (Md.).

Mr. and Mrs. David Aron, deputy assistant to the president for national security affairs; Mr. and Mrs. A. Robert Abboud, chairman, First Natl. Bank of Chicago; Father and Mrs. Gabriel Abdul Sayed; Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Abossie; Mr. and Mrs. Dave Abrams; Hon. Rosalle Abrams and Mr. William Abrams, Maryland senate majority leader; Dr. Muhammed Abdul-Auf, Washington Islamic Center, and guest, Miss Salwa Abdul-Auf; Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Albrecht, The Boeing Co., Seattle; Mr. Ben Aiexander; Hon. and Mrs. Clifford Alexander, secretary of the Army; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Allen; Gen. and Mrs. Lew Allen Jr., U.S. Air Force chief of staff; Mr. and Mrs. Roger C. Altman, assistant treasury secretary; Mr. and Mrs. Morris Amitay, American Israel Public Affairs Committee; Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Anderson; Mr. and Mrs. Adib Andrawes; Hon. and Mrs. Alfred L. Atherton Jr., ambassador at large; Hon. and Mrs. Herman Badillo, deputy amyor of New York City; Hon. Polly Baca Barragan, Colerado state representative and guest, Ms. Lida Baca; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Barnes, The Washington Star; Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Barrie, General Electric Corp.; Hon. Marion Barry, mayor of the District of Columbia; Hon. and Mrs. Lucius Battle; Mr. Phillp Baskin; Mr. and Mrs. Cherif Bassiouni.

Hon. and Mrs. Abraham Beame, former New York City mayor; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Beard, deputy to the assistant to the president; Mr. and Mrs. Newton Becker; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Berger; Rabbi and Mrs. William Berkowitz, president. Jewish National Fund, New York City; Mr. and Mrs. Irving Bernstein, United Jewish Appeal, New York City; Rabbi and Mrs. Louis Bernstein, president, Mizrachi-Hapoel Hamizrachi, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Philip Bernstein, Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds, New York City; Mr. Horace Bier, American Zionist Federation; Hon. and Mrs. Chester Blaylock, Minnesota state senator; Mr. and Mrs. David Blumberg, international president, B'Nai B'Rith, Washington; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Boggs Jr.; Dr. and Mrs. Landrum Bolling; Mr. Hyman Bookbinder, American Jewish Committee, and guest, Ms. Ida Leivick; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Borman; Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Bradlee, executive editor, The Washington Post; Mr. and Mrs. Gene M. Bradley, The Boeing Co.; Mr. Jerome Braun, Jewish Welfare Federation of San Francisco; Mr. and Mrs. David Brinkley; NBS News; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Brotman; Mr. and Mrs. John Y. Brown; Mr. and Mrs. Art Buchwald; Rabbi and Mrs. Amos Bunim; Dr. Sidney N. Busis, United Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh; Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Butcher, president, City and County Bank, Knoxville; Mr. and Mrs. Jake Butcher, president, United American Bank, Knoxville; Ms. Jane Byrne, Democratic nominee for mayor of Chicago and Mr. Jay McMullen; Mr. Prick Caddell and guest, Ms. Janet Berkley; Hon. Richard Caliguiri, mayor of Pittsburgh; Mr. and Mrs. John Camp; Mr. and Mrs. John Carey, national commander, American Legion; Miss Amy Carter; Mr. and Mrs. Donnel Jeffrey Carter; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carter; Mr. James Earl Carter III.

Hon. Hodding Carter III, assistant secretary of state for public affairs, and Hon. Patt Derian, assistant secretary of state for human rights and humanitarian affairs; Mr. Hugh A. Carter Jr., special assistant to the president for administration, and guest, Ms. Glenna Garrett; Mrs. Lillian Carter; Mr. and Mrs. Sol Chaikin, president, International Ladies Garment Workers Union, New York; Mr. and Mrs. John Cancellor, NBC News; Mr. Leon Carney and guest, Mr. Don Tenselle; Hon. and Mrs. Clark M. Clifford; Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Clift, Newsweek; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Cohen Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Jerome L. Cohen; Mrs. Sheldon Cohen and guest, Mr. Jonathan Cohen; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Coopersmith; Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Corwin; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Courshon, chairman, Washington Federal Savings and Loan, Miami Beach; Mr. Marshall Coyne and guest, Mrs. Vera Murray; Hon. Robert Crim, speaker of the Michigan House, and guest, Mr. Joe Forbes; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cronkite, CBS News; Mr. Nelson H., Cruikshank, counselor to the president on aging, and guest, Mr. Michael Corbin; Ms. Miriam Cruz, administrative assistant to the mayor of Chicago, and guest, Mr. Rubin Cruz; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cutler; Mr. and Mrs. John Dalton; Mr. and Mrs. John Dancy, NBC News; Mr. and Mrs. Howard B. Dean, senior vice president, Dean, Witter, Reynold, New York.

Mr. Morris S. Dees and guest, Ms. Vicki Booker; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Del Bello, Westchester County Executive; Mr. Barry Diller, Paramount Studios, and guest, Diane von Furstenberg; Mr. and Mrs. Ido Dissentshik; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. dizerega, Northwest Alaska Pipeline Co.; Chief of Protocol Evan S. Dobelle; Mr. and Mrs. S. Harrison Dogole, CEO, Glove Securities Systems Inc., Philadelphia; Mrs. William J. Dolvin; Mr. and Mrs. Sam A. Donaldson, ABC News; Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Doty (Mrs -- Joy Billington, The Washington Star); Ms. Elizabeth Drew and guest, Mr. Sanford Socolow, CBS News; Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Dunfey, Denfey Hotels; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Dunn, president, Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Edelman, member, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors; Ambassador to Egypt and Mrs. Hermann Eilts; Mrs. Ruth Eisenberg, president, Women's American ORT, and Mr. Jack Eisenberg; Rabbi and Mrs. Ira Eisenstein, president, Jewish Reconstructionist Foundation, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Eizenstat; Mr. and Mrs. Stuart E. Eizenstat, assistant to the president for domestic affairs and policy; Dr. and Mrs. Farouk El-Baz, National Air and Space Museum; Dr. and Mrs. Atef Gamal El-Din; Dr. Mohamed El-Wahkiel and guest, Dr. Betty Wass; Mr. and Mrs. Galal El-Zorba; Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Elson, president, Atlanta News Agency; Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Epstein, Anti-Defamation League, New YOrk; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Epstein, Jewish Federation of St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Epstein, chairman, public affairs committee of the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago.

Hon. Diane Feinstein, mayor of San Francisco; Rabbi and Ms. Emanuel Feldman, Congregation Beth Jacob, Atlanta; Ms. Trude Feldman, Transfeatures Syndicate and Elizabeth (N.J.) Daily Journal and guest, Mr. Richard Cohen; Hon. and Mrs. Maurice Ferre, mayor of Miami; Mr Irwin Field, national chairman, United Jewish Appeal; Mr. and Mrs. Murray Finley, president, Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Max Fisher; Mr. Sam Fishman, United Auto Workers and guest, Ms. Ann Cook; Mr. David Fleeman; Mr. and Mrs. Abe Foxman, Anti-Defamation League, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Morton Frank (Mrs. -- president, Jewish Community Council, Washington); Mrs. De Jongh Franklin; Mr. and Mrs. Owen V. Frisby; Hon. Leonard Garment and guest, Ms. Suzanne Weaver; Mr. and Mrs. Don Gavritz; Mr. and Mrs. Thodore O. Gest, U.S. New and World Report; Mr. and Mrs. Philip Geyelin, The Washington Post; Mr. Roger Gittines and guest, Ms. Leslie Long; Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Glass, Washington bureau chief, Cox Newspapers; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Gold; Hon. and Mrs. Arthur Goldberg, ambassador at large; Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Goldberg, national commander, Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A.; Mr. and Mrs. James R. Golden; Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Goldenberg; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Goldenson, chairman and CEO, American Broadcasting Companies Inc., New York; Dr. and Mrs. Jack Goldman, Xerox Corp.; Mr. and Mrs. Leslie J. Goldman, deputy assistant secretary of energy; Mr. and Mrs. Bram Goldsmith, president City National Bank, Beverly Hills; Hon. and Mrs. Neil Goldschmidt, mayor of Portland, Ore.

Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Gldstein; Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Goldstein; The Rev. Cantor and Mrs. Isaac Goodfriend; Rabbi and Mrs. Arnold M. Goodman; Hon. and Mrs. Albert Gore, Occidental International Corp.; Mrs. Katharine Graham, chairman, The Washington Post Co., and guest, Mr. Jim Hoagland; Mr. and Mrs. Rex Granum, deputy press secretary to the president; Mr. Maxwell E. Greenberg, national chairman, Anti-Defamation League, Los Angeles, and guest, Mr. Irving Shapiro; Mr. and Mrs. Hank Greenspun; Mr. and Mrs. Fred M. Gregg Jr.; Miss Meg Greenfield, The Washington Post; Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Gwertzman; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harden, special assistant to the president for information and management; Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Halperin; Dr. and Mrs. Armand Hammer, chairman, Occidental Petroleum Corp., Los Angeles; Mrs. Charles Hammer and guest, Mr. David Hammer; Hon. and Mrs. Herbert J. Hansell, legal adviser, Department of State; Hon. and mrs. W. Averell Harriman; Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Harris, Harris Department Store, Ocilla, Ga.; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Harris, Reuters; Mr. and Mrs. Jess Hay, chairman, Lomas & Nettleton, Dallas; Adm. and Mrs. Thoms B. Hayward, chief of naval operations; Mr. Yehuda Hellman, executive director, Conference of Presidents of Major Am-Jewish Organizations, New York, and guest, Mrs. Diane Hernandez; Mr. and Mrs. Clifton A. Helman, president, Jewish Community Council of Metropolitan Boston; Hon. Irene Hernandez, Cook County Board of Supervisors, and guest, Ms. Diane Hernandez.

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Herizberg; Mr. Hendrik Hertzberg, speechwriter to the president, and guest, Ms. Michelle Slung, The Washington Post; Mr. Francis Hertzog Jr.; The Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, president, Notre Dame University; Mr. Abraham Hirschfeld; Mr. and Mrs. Jerold Hoffberg, chairman United Israel Appeal, New York; Hon. and Mrs. Mark Hogan, former lieutenant governor of Colorado, Mr. nd Mrs. M. Carl Holman, National Urban Coalition; Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Hooks, NAACP, New York; Mr. Michael Horowitz, North American Jewish Youth Council, New York, and guest, Ms. Rochelle Pulvers; Dr. and Mrs. Salah Hosny; Hon. and Mrs. Harold Hughes, former senator from Iowa; Archbishop Iakovos, Greek Orthodox Church of North and South America, New York, and guest, Rev. Father Alexander Karloutsos; Hon. K. Leroy Irvis, former Senate majority leader of Pennsylvania and guest, Mr. Harold R. Schmidt; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Isenberg; Mr. and Mrs. Irwin L. Jacobs; Hon. and Mrs. Sol Linowitz, Coudert Brothers, Washington; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jacobs; Mrs. Charlotte Jacobson, World Zionest Organization, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. James, Bank of America, and guest, Ms. Alexandra James; Gen. and Mrs. David C. Jones, chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; Mr. Hamilton Jordan, assistant to the president; Mr. Vernon Jordan Jr., executive director, National Urban League, New York; Hon. Geri Joseph and Mr. Burton Joseph; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Kahn, adviser to the president on inflation; Mr. and Mrs. I. Samuel Kaminsky; Mr. Max Kampelman; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kantor, National Bank of Florida.

Mr. Michael Kantor, Manatt, Phelps, Rothenberg and Tunney, Los Angeles, and guest, Ms. Leslie Kantor; Mr. Morris Katz, president, Katz Bag Co., Indianapolis, and guest, Mrs. Kit Tavel; Mrs. Norman Lau Kee and guest, Joji Konoshima; Mr. Ed Kelly; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kelly, Updike, Kelly, Spellacy, Hartford, Conn.; Mr. LL. Kenen and guest, Dr. Ellen Joyce; Mr. Omar Khorshed; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kimelman, chairman, West Indies Corp., St. Thomas; Mr. and Mrs. Lane Kirkland, secretary-treasurer, AFL-CIO; Hon. and Mrs. Henry A. Kissinger, Mr. and Mrs. George Klein; Mr. and Mrs. Hess Kline;Mr. and Mrs. S. Lee Kling; Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Klutznick, president, World Jewish Congress, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kogod; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Koury; Rabbi Charles Kroloff; Mr. Timothy E. Kraft, assistant to the president, and guest, Mr. Sam Tennenbaum; Mr. Harvey M. Krueger, Lehman Brothers, Kuhn, Loeb, Inc., New York; Mrs. Goldie Kweller, president, Women's League for Conservative Judaism, New York, and guest, Mr. Murray Kweller; Msgr. Francis Lally; Ms. Esther Landa and guest, Amnon Manor; Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Landow, Landow and Co., Bethesda; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lautenberg, president, United Jewish Appeal, New York City; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lawrence; Mrs. Richard D. Lawrence and guest, Lt. Col William Boice; Mrs. Frieda Leemon, president, Pioneer Women, New York, and guest, Mr. Norman Leemon

Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Lesourd, Agence France Presse; Mr. Arthur Levine; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Leviton (Mrs. -- president, National Council of Jewish Women); Mr. and Mrs. Sidney E. Leiwant, American ORT Federation, New York; Dr. Richard L. Lesher; Dr. and Mrs. Roger Lewis; Ambassador to Israel and Mrs. Samuel Lewis; Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lipshutz, counsel to the president; Mr. and Mrs. Jom Los; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lowell; Mr. and Mrs. Herb Mabry; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mack; Hon. Henry Maier, mayor of Milwaukee, and Mrs. Karen Lamb; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Malina, EM Warburg, Pincus and Co., New York; Mrs. Lillian Maltzer, president, National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, new York, and guest, Miss Eleanor R. Schwartz; Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Manatt, Manatt, Phelps, Rotherberg, Manley and Tunney, Los Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mancher, president, Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York; Mr. and Mrs. Morton L. Mandel, president, Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Manekin, president, Associated Jewish Charities and Welfare Fund, Inc., Baltimore; Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Mann, chairman, Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, New York; Mr. Victor Marrero, division of housing and community renewal, New York, and guest, Ms. Leslie Scallet; Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Martin Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Martin, special assistant to the president; Hon. and Mrs. Raul Martinez, city councilman, Hialeah, Fla.; Mrs. Alice F. Mason, president, Alice Mason Real Estate, New York, and guest, Mr. Peter Tufo; Hon. and Mrs. Leo McCarthy, speaker of the California Assembly.

Mr. and Mrs. Joel McCleary, deput White House assistant for political liaison; Hon. and Mrs. John J. McCloy; Hon. and Mrs. James McConn, mayor of Houston; Mr. Alec McCowen; Mr. and Mrs. John C. McMillian, chairman, Northwest Energy Co., Salt Lake City; Mr. Pat McMullan, chairman, Mississippi Bank of Jackson, and guest, Ms. Mary Chariotte McMullan; Hon. and Mrs. Robert McNair, former governor of South Carolina; Hon. William McNichols, mayor of Denver; Mr. and Mrs. William McSweeney, Occidental International Corp.; Mr. George Meany, president, AFL-CIO; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Michelle, New York; Rabbi and Mrs. Israel Miller, chairman, Israel Task Force, New York; Mr. William Milliken and guest, Master Sean Milliken; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moe, chief of staff for the vice president; Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Moldaw, Atherton Industries, Menlo Park, Calif; Mr. Set Momjian and guest, Mr. Robert Lasken; Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Moore, assistant to the president for congressional iaison; Mr. Terry Moore, president, Nebraska AFL-CIO; Bishop and Mrs. S. Morris, African Methodist Ediscopal Church, Washington; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred H. Moses; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Moses; Mr. Charles P. Muldoom and guest, Miss Kirie Ohta; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy, chairman, General Motors; Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Murray, deputy assistant secretary of defense; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Murtaugh, senior vice president, Dean, Witter, Reynold, New York; Mr. I. Frank Myers Jr.; Ms. Bess Myerson and guest, Judge Jay Becker.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nathan; Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. n/ederlander, Nederlander, Dodge & McCauley, Detroit; Hon. and Mrs. David D. Newsom, undersecretary of state for political affairs; Mr. Fred Nicholas; Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Novick, president, Zionist Organization of America, New York; Mr. Marne Obernauer and guest, Mrs. Joanne Cummings; Mr. Patrick J. O'Connor, O'Connor & Hannan, Washington, and guest, Mr. Patrick O'Connor Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Ogden, Time magazine; Hon. Manfred Ohrenstein, speaker of the New York Assembly, and guest, Ms. Rena Buttons; Mr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Oster, Chicago Sun-Times, and guest, Ms. Sally Jacobsen; Mr. and Mrs. Izzy I. Ozar; Mrs. Dot Padgett and guest, Ms. Gail Padgett; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pallot, president, Royal Trust Bank, Miami; Hon. and Mrs. Hugh Parmer, mayor of Fort Worth; Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Peerless; Mr. and Mrs. Martin Peretz, New Republic; Mr. and Mrs. Itzhak Perlman; Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Perlmutter; Hon. Esther Peterson, special assistant to the president for consumer affairs, and guest, Mr. Lars Peterson; Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Pickman, president, Levitt, Pickman Motion Picture Distribution Co., New York; Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Pierpoint, CBS News; Rabbi Ely E. Pilchick, president, Central Conference of American Rabbis, New York, and guest, Mrs. Harriet Perlmutter; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pippitt, Xerox Corp., Stamford, Conn.

Mr. and Mrs. Abe Pollin, Capital Centre, Washington; Mr. Paul Porter; Mr. and Mrs. Jody Powell, press secretary to the president; Miss Leontyne Price and guests, Mr. Hubert Dilworth and Mr. David Garvey; Dr. William B. Quandt, adviser, National Security Council, and guest, Ms. Andrea Corcoran; Rabbi and Mrs. Stanley Rabinowitz; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Rafshoon, assistant to the president for communications; Sen. and Mrs. Omer L. Rains of Sacramento, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Raposo, Jonico Music, Inc., New York; Rabbi and Mrs. Bernard Raskas; Mr. Albert B. Ratner, president, Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, and guest, Mr. Brian Ratner; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ratner, president, United Nations Association, New York; Lt. Col. and Mrs. Cecil D. Reed, chaplain, Camp David, Md.; Mr. and Mrs. James Reston, The New York Times; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reynolds, ABC News; Gov. and Mrs. Richard Riley of South Carolina; Mr. and Mrs. Max Rittenbaum, Atlanta Jewish Welfare Federation Inc.; Hon. and Mrs. Charles S. Robb, lieutenant governor of Virginia; Ms. Patricia Robert; mr. and Mrs. Donald Robinson, president, Joint Distribution Committee, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Rochwarger, president, National Jewish Welfare Board, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Rodgers III, Associated Press Radio, Washington; Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Rogers; Hon. and Mrs. William P. Rogers; Mr. Felix Rohatyn, Lazard Freres, New York, and guest, Mrs. Elizabeth Bagliano; Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Roosevelt; Rabbi and Mrs. Bernard Rosensweig, president, Rabbi and Mrs. Bernard Rosensweig, president, Rabbinical Council of America, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Rossman; Mr. Samuel Rothberg, chairman, Developmant Corp. for Israel, New York; Mr. and Mrs. James Rouse, The Rouse Co., Columbia, Md.; Hon. and Mrs. Carl Rowan.

Hon. and Mrs. Charles Royer, mayor of Seattle; Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Rubin, Federation of Jewish Agencies, Philadelphis; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rubin; Ms. Madalene Russell and Ms. Christine Russell; Mr. and Mrs. John Ryor, President of the National Education Association; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Safro, national president of B'Nai Zion, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Alan Sagner; Dr. and Mrs. Headi Salem; Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Saliba, president, Katy Industries, Boston; Hon. and Mrs. Howard J. Samuels, Howard Samuels Enterprises, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sanders, senior adviser to the president; Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Saperstein, president of the National Council of Young Israel, New York; Hon. Harold H. Saunders, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs and Ms. Mary Schveck; Mr. and Mrs. Phillp Schaefer, Bear Stears & Co., Belvedere, Cal.; Hon. William Donald Schaefer, mayor of Baltimore and Mrs. Hilda Mae Snoops; Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Schecter, National Security Council; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scheerschmidt, Xerox Corp; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Schieffer, CBS News; Rabbi and Mrs. Alexander M. Schinler, president, Union of American Hebrew Congregations; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schoenfeld; Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Schram, The Washington Post; Mr. Simon Schwartz, president, United Synagogue of America and Rabbi Benjamin Z. Kreitman; Hon. and Mrs. William B. Schwartz Jr., U.S. ambassador to the Bahamas; Mr. William B. Schwartz, III, and Ms. Belle McIntyre; Mr. Barry Schweid, Associated Press and Ms. Nina Braybill; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Schweitzer.

Mr. and Mrs. William Seawell, chairman, Pan American World Airways; Mr. and Mrs. Simon Selig; Mr. and Mrs. Dallas Sells; Hon. Jose Serrano, New York state assemblyman; Mr. and Mrs. Steve Shalom; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shane; Mrs. Sarah Shane, president, American Mizrachi Women, and Mrs. Ruth Jacobson; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ahanker, president, American Federation of Teachers; Dr. and Mrs. Sanford M. Shapero; Mr. and Mrs. *edwin Shapiro, HIAS; Dr. and Mrs. Judah J. Shapiro, president, National Committee for Labor Israel, Inc., NYC; Rabbi and Mrs. Max A. Shapiro; Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Shapiro, president, Baltimore Jewish Council; Mr. and Mrs. Shakour Shaalan, World Bank; Dr. and Mrs. Hehia Shawky; Mr. Jacob sheinkman, president, Jewish Labor Committee, and Mr. Mark Sheinkman; Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Shoob; Mr. Walter H. Shorenstein, Milton Meyer & Co., San Francisco, and Mr. Michael Barone; Mrs. Norton Silberman, president, Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Inc., and Mr. Jules Arkin; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sinay; Hon. and Mrs. Joseph Sisco, president, American University; Mr. David Smerling, president, Jewish United Fund of Chicago, and Mr. James Rice; Mrs. Allie Smith; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Smith; Mr. John K. Smith; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Smith, Electra/ Asylum Records; Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Smith, president, Charles E. Smith Companies; Hon. and Mrs. Jay Solomon, administrator, General Services Administration.

Mr. John Soult and Ms. Cheryl Roth; Mr. Jack Spitzer, president, B'Nai B'Rith Int'l and Mrs. Hannah Sinaver; Mrs. Ruth Carter Stapleton; Mrs. Isaac Stern; Rabbi and Mrs. Joseph Sternstein, president, American Zionist Federation; Mr. and Mrs. George Stevens Jr., director, American Film Institute; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sueppel; Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Swann, Swann, Swann & Haddock; Mr. and Mrs. John Swearingen; Mr. and Mrs. Michale Sterner, Deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern and South Asian affairs; Mr. and Mrs. Mark Talisman, Council of Jewish Federations & Welfare Funds; Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Tannenbaum (Mrs. -- President, Hadassah); Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Tenzer; Rabbi and Mrs. Saul I. Teplitz, president, Rabbinical Assembly, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Irving Terry; Mr. Nicholas Thimmesch, Los Angeles Times Syndicate, and Ms. Miecke Tunney; Ms. Helen Thomas, United Press International; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Tish; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tish; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Trabulski; Hon art Torres, California state assemblyman; The Rev. Dr. Charies A. Trentham, pastor, First Baptist Church of Washington, D.C.; Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Trewhitt, Baitimore Sun; Mrs. J.C. Turner and Mr. Henry Legowski; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Volpert; Mrs. Jean Wallin; Ms. Barbara Walters, ABC, and Dr. Alan Greenspan; Mr. Martin J. Ward, President United Association of Journeymen & Apprentices of Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of U.S. and Canada; Mr. and Mrs. William L. Waronker.

Bishop and Mrs. John Walker, National Cathedral; Mr. and Mrs. Lew Wasserman, chairman, MCA; Mr. and Mrs. Dick Wasserstrom (Mrs. -- President B'Nai B'Rith Women); Mr. and Mrs. Jack H. Watson, Jr., assistant to the president for intergovernmental affairs; Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Watts, president, Communications Workers of America; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Weinberg, president, American Israel Public Affairs Committee; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weintraub; Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Weiss; Mr. and Mrs. George Weissman, chairman, Phillip-Morris, Inc.; Hon. Anne Wexler and Hon. Joseph Duffey (Mrs. -- assistant to the president, Mr. -- chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities); Hon. and Mrs. John C. White, chairman, Democratic National Committee; Mr. Charles A. Whitehead; Mr. and Mrs. William Wiesel, chairman, President's Commission on the Holocaust; Mr. Eddie Williams, president, Joint Center for Plitical Studies, and Ms. Pauline A. Schneider; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bennett Williams; Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Williams; Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Wynter, American Jewish Committee, New York; Mr. Phillip J. Wise Jr., appointments secretary to the president, and Mr. Ben Brown; Mr. and Mrs. Maynard I. Wishner, chairman, Board of Governors, American Jewish Committee, Chicago; Hon. and Mrs. Milton A. Wolfe, U.S. ambassador to Austria; Mr. Kenneth Wollack and Ms. Leslie Rubenstein; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wurf, president, AFSCME; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wyman; Mr. and Mrs. William H. Wynn, president, Retail Clerks Int'l Union; Hon. Coleman Young, mayor of Detroit, and Ms. Joyce Garrett; Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Zacks; Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Zimmerman; Mr. Paul Zuckerman; Mr. and Mrs. Pinchas Zukerman, violinist.